ABC Wednesday-T Is 4 T-H-R-I-V-E

T Is 4?

There are so many words that start with the letter T, among them

I love the word thrive. Thus in my entry 4 ABC Wednesday, I have

T is 4 T-H-R-I-V-E.

Here I demonstrate three (3) places the word can be utilized.

#1: Recently the markets are thriving and the prices are stable.

#2: Flowers are thriving in spring.

#3: He that will thrive must rise at five. (proverb)

For more T posts visit ABC Wednesday.

ABC Wednesday is co-hosted by the ABC Team:

Denise, Roger, Barb, Jay, Gattina, Sylvia, Troy.

24 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday-T Is 4 T-H-R-I-V-E

  1. I like these explanations of the word “thrive”, but I love this proverb: “He that will thrive must rise at five.” Could “thrive” be a synonym of “bloom”, “flourish”and “prosper”?

  2. Love it when plants thrive in my garden! It makes me feel like I’ve really accomplished something good. If I got up at 5 in hopes of Thriving….I think I’d be feeling awfully *Torpid* by noon! 😉

  3. Hi Ji,
    With the nature of my health, I doubt my participation in the rally. I’ve been in bed for the past couple of days although my laptop still remains on my chest. Will do the rounds once m able to read and understand the beauty of member Poets’ poems and post. My regards to everyone.


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