Magpie Tale-The World Will Be A Better Place If…

This is a post for Magpie Tale (Shoes) hosted by Willow at magpie tale

I wrote a poem this time, it is a fiction trying to have fun looking at the prompt.

I Value Your Input and Wishing You All A Very Enjoyable Tuesday Ahead!

A pair of shoes
Is like a pair of eyes
That watch what you do
When your feet desert them
To woo another pair of shoes,
Or to swim in public pools;
To take a sunbath near a bay,
Or to cuddle with your lover by the end of the day.
To stay shoeless,
feel fearless;
And run wild
Like a daring child,

The world will be a better place
If one always wears the other person’s shoes
With significant grace,
And walk side by side
With matched pace.

26 thoughts on “Magpie Tale-The World Will Be A Better Place If…

  1. I really like this poem, first of all the depiction of shoes jealously wanting your feet in them and them alone and then the thought of how much better life would be if we could walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

  2. We should all wear the shoes of others to truly feel their pain and suffering….as well as their love and happiness. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice post.

  3. it’s like remembering when my middle daughter was little and she loved grown up high heels…oh the carefree days of childhood when even filling the biggest shoes was not impossible..I truly love this one!

  4. to run wild like a daring child…..we all need to do that for a day……..thanks for sharing


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