Microfiction Monday Week 6-A Beautiful Phoenix Is Born

Tired of being a dragon firing fires?
I will allow u to be a phoenix for once.
With a magical wish, a beautiful phoenix is born.

Hello, How Are You?
Welcome to Microfiction Monday week 6,
Where the picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer.

For more information, check it out at Stony River at SUSAN
;) ;) ;)

18 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday Week 6-A Beautiful Phoenix Is Born

  1. Nice Jingle, . Let’s hope Dragon realises being a Phoenix may not be what he thinks it is . He may want to return as a Dragon.

  2. Yeah, does the dragon know he will burn himself to death? Or maybe he is thinking of the return, from his own ashes?

    For now, I’ll just stay a Peep!

    Great 140-character job, Jingle–could be called–with a little stretching–a character assassination??

  3. Jingle;

    Really enjoyed this, the picture left in my brain, is of the beautiful Phoenix rising from the ashes. An upbeat way to start the week. Loved it, thank you.

  4. From dragon to Phoenix. Both are pretty wonderful creatures.

    Hmmm, this is actually Microfiction Week #33, you know. When I saw #6 in your header, I tried refreshing to find the current one, then realized the picture is current.

  5. From breathing fire to consuming fire… Hmm…. an interesting bend. 8) Thanks for stopping by the “dojo”. Have a good week.

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