Sunday 160-Peace 4 U, Please!

As a lovely soul,
U join the army for an upright goal.
Did u hear your mother cry
When u suddenly die?
Of course,
None has prepared for this.
Peace 4 u,


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on Monkey Man at Monkey Man. ;)

Happy Sunday!

Happy Memorial Day!

😉 😉 😉

18 thoughts on “Sunday 160-Peace 4 U, Please!

  1. I KNOW I’m in the right blog places, when Jingle and other Peeps write sad, yet loving reminders for WHY we are having a “holiday”. Beautifully stated, well-meant, and with the feeling of a good soul. I want to grab a flag–NOW!

  2. We have lost to many……so these men and women ….God Bless them and you for honoring them……

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