Weekend Funnies Week 12-Belly Laughs


What occurs 4 times in “every week“, 2 times in “every month“, and once in “a year“?


If two is a company, three is a crowd, what are 4 and 5?


What did one knife say to the other knife?


What has two hands, a big round face, always runs but stays in the same place?


Why don’t oysters give to charity?


What do you get when you cross a stream and a brook?


Why can’t the magician tell his magic secrets in the garden?


what kind of bean doesn’t grow in a gadren?


#1: The Letter _____! (Please fill a single letter in to complete the solution ;))

#2:_____(One word)

#3:You look pretty sharp today. ( 😉 done 4 u)

#4:_____(easy, please guess something we use very day.)

#5:Because they are shellfish. (  😉 done 4 u)

#6:___________(two words, please guess ;))

#7:The corn has ears, and the potatoes have eyes. (   😉 done 4 u)

#8:human bean (  😉 done 4 u)


Welcome To Weekend Funnies Week 12.

Hope that You Enjoy Some Free Fun!

;) ;) ;)

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Funnies Week 12-Belly Laughs

  1. oh those were so cute Ji!! My guesses are 1. E 2. numbers 🙂 4. clock and 6. ummmm Idk lol but you said guess please soooo “a streaming brook?” 😀

  2. Aha..Jingle..I love it when you do this..you bring something fun and MEANINGFUL to the WF. I am still recovering….weather is not helping either. Love you!

  3. hi Jingle, let me have a go at these answers
    1- the letter ” e ”
    5-cos they are shellfish( selfish)hhhhhh
    thanks jingle for this light post.

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