Orange Leaves Fall On The Ground

Green Leaves are aging

As summer time is escaping,

My heart is pounding

Because you are coming.

Red leaves fall on the ground

As autumn is expected all around.

I decorate a room on the day

Before you arrive to stay.

Orange leaves fall on the ground

As autumn comes all around.

I fly into your arms

As you shine with your magical charms.

Brown leaves are scattered on the ground

Since harvest season is here all around.

Under the full moon, we toast,

With soft music on, we dance.

Hello, This is Thursday Poets Rally Week 2o

Poem Post.  Happy Thursday! Cheers!

😉 😉 😉

33 thoughts on “Orange Leaves Fall On The Ground

  1. love the poem–like the changing colors too you wrote with–helps me visualize the poetry. Thanks for sharing

  2. I want the trees to stay green and pretty as we turn into Summer..
    I am not ready for the Fall change..
    I do think out tree is sick that is outside. I am so sad. I have to look into it.. Boo..

    Happy Thursday..

  3. “before you arrive to stay” favorite line
    “Under the full moon, we toast, With soft music on, we dance” Favorite pastime
    Perfectly seasoned with the colors of time.

  4. love the way to used colors and the colored typeset….. amazing how color inspires the soul………blessings for all you do for everyone…. bkm

  5. I am especially fond of this poem Jingle — it captured me on many levels for one I love fall — my favorite season, and two my first son was born the first day of autumn — and so forth and on a metaphysical level I love the transformation of the season a time to prepare for reflection the last hurrah! Love the way you express the anticipation —

    just lovely,


  6. Jingle that has such wonderful feeling and flow. It is really pretty. I think up there with some of my favourites of yours. I t made me feel good. Thanks 🙂

  7. This is so so beautiful, jingle. I LOVE it. Autumn makes my heart sing with joy, I miss the Canadian ones with the brilliant colors.

    Very creative the way you have colored the different lines with autumn brilliance.


  8. a bounty of colorful essences, this holds so many smiles within. You decorate my mind so easily.

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