The Celebrate Poet of April Award Announcement and More

The Celebrate Poet of April Award

The Following Poets have won The Celebrate Poet of April Award:

Brian (22 votes)

Trisha (21 votes)

Shakira (20 votes)

Wordwand (18 votes)

Adam, Ibok (Each 16 votes)

William and Megzone (Each 15 votes)

Pete (14 votes)

Suzi, Kseverny, Ediomo,  (Each 13 votes)

Celebrating A Year ( 11 votes)

Beth, Fiveloaf, Viola, Moondusterwriter, Martin (each 10 votes)

Jingle (22 votes)

The Celebrate Poet of April Runner-up Award

The Following Poets have won The Celebrate Poet of March Runner-up Award

Ishbelle (8 votes)

Shan, Raj, Katherine (each 7 votes)

Doraz, Jannie Funster, Geardine (Each 5 votes)

Shoelesswonerboy, Lauren, Poet Traveler, Oinky, Jamie, Viddhi (Each 4 votes)

Jstar, Tara , Byran,  Pravin nair, Moondai, I thought it ip, World of Poetry (each 3 votes)

Patti, Alex, Poetry Blog, Direct Dilze, Tim  Keeton, Keerthana, Mama Zen, Beyond the Blog (each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Poet of April Honorable Mention Award


The following poets have won The Celebrate Poet of April Honorable Mention Award

(Poets who have 1 vote)

Pat, Southern Musings, Desiree, Vic, Passions and Conceptions, Daimler Gynrow, BFG,  SteveE, JP, Dulce, Lovestoned, The Writer Girl, Kiera, The Walking Man, My Missing life,The Poet Tree, SparrowSong, Utopian Fragments, Luuna12780, Ana, JustsomeThoughts, Keleger’s Blog, Gina, Dom*, I.S., Heartspell, Talon, Tammy, Alice Audery, Tony, Williow, Words by leena Yliportimo, AmytheBlack, ME

At Last, Everyone who has given comments under this post or win any one of the above awards

The Celebrate Poet of April Participation Award

I Love You!

will get The Celebrate Poet of April Participation Award,

and I Love You Tag.

Thank YOU all for the active participation and comments,

Jingle has NO idea of the above outcomes, she hope that all of the poets

communicate more with other poets, participate more during our weekly

Thursday Poets Rally.

Thank YOU so very much for the time and energy.

Be proud of yourself, and 

Enjoy A Magnificent Monay!

😉 😉 😉

Brian Trisha Shakira Wordwand Adam Emmanuel Ibok William

Megzone Suzicate Kseverny Ediomo Udofia Petemarshall1 Fiveloaf Viola

Doubtfulpoet Celebrating a Year Moondustwriter Slpmartin Ishabelle Shanellis

Katherine Rajlakshmi Doraz Jannie Funster Gerardine Baugh Poet Traveler

Shoelessboywonder Jaymie Viddhi Taramillerwrites Bryan Moondai Patti

Alexvonfox Poetryoftheasian Creativity Pravin Nair Tim Keeton Mama Zen

Keerthana Pat Dom* Heartspell Little Hat luna12780 Short Poems JStar

Anthonynorth Sirenadelfirey keleger Lauren Alice Audrey Sweeter Poetry

TALON Amy the Black Ana Goncalves BFG I.S. Warriorpoetess Wordsbyleena

Gina Desiree Me Viddhi ♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ THE BEATY

45 thoughts on “The Celebrate Poet of April Award Announcement and More

  1. Jingle I am thrilled to post any of your awards and am honoured that I got recognized what with being reasonably new to your rally. Thank you to all that voted and congratulations to all the winners. You are all FAB-u-LOUS!! 🙂

  2. Thank you Jingle. We all love you and think you deserve the real jewel.
    Wanted to congratulate all of you wonderful poets- I appreciate each of you and your talent!!

    moon love to all of you!!!!

  3. I am humbly appreciative. For that amount of people to vote for me, I couldn’t do more. I am really blessed by the love I have come to receive in this community especially through this rally. I couldn’t ask for anything more. May God continue to give you the strength to provide a database of inspiration and encouragement for up-coming writers and writers who are still trying to find their feet. Your blessings are out of this world.

    As for those who voted for me, I am grateful and do so with utmost humbleness. Thank you very much. Appreciated.

    Cheers to all.

    Up live the Thursdays Poet Rally,
    Up live the pen we write with,
    Up live our creative abilities
    and Up live us all.

  4. hi, i have just woken up to such wonderful news. This was my first month of being involved and its great to know how well my work has been received.

    thank you all..the last week or so I have been on a real self doubting trip but maybe this is the encouragement i need…thank you again everyone for commenting & supporting me throughout the month, its actually appreciated more than you can realise.



  5. very generous of you jingle and i want to take this opportunity to thank all those(whoever you are) who thought my poems are good enough to deserve a nomination..

  6. I’m very humbled thank you ever so much. Knowing that someone reads and appreciates my work is such an honour. Thank you to everyone who castes a vote! Keep writing lovelies and the biggest thanks and appreciation to the lovely jingle. For the time and effort you place in helping us poets.

  7. thank you so much Ji … I really appreciate the award 😀
    have been a little busy so wasn’t able to put up all the awards that you gifted me… will definately post it 🙂 🙂 thanks again 🙂 you really bright up my day 🙂

  8. hi everybody,congrats to all winners . I’m really happy to get the award with 18 votes .this will give me a boost to improve several deificient areas in my poetry.thanks all of you and especially those who voted for me .
    thanks jingle for your priceless efforts to serve this community and to keep its flame alight.

  9. congrats to all. Jingle, thank you for all you do and all the effort you put into this poetry community. You are one in a million! Happy Tuesday to you!

  10. Considering the above comments, I’m struck by the gratitude and humbleness of our peers. What a grateful, supportive community! Thanks to all who participate, comment, post, and encourage. I’m glad to be included and look forward to Thursday. (Jingle please count me in).

  11. Congratulations to all of you wonderful writers and bless you, Jingle, for devoting yourself to our heartsharing. Thank you for the honor of being included in this inspirational game. Hats off to you! Heartspell

  12. Congratulations to all and thanks Jingle..keep the Spirit positive always and enjoy…Happy Tuesday..was able to get here before this crashes again(+)
    soulbro* aka Dom*:)

  13. awe Ji what can I say how beautiful is this, I would like to thank EVERYONE who voted for me, you are very special to me, each one of you has a place in my heart, never expecting an award I am honoured to receive this, many congrats to all the other winners and runners up, to me you are ALL winners, this community is the best I have ever known. Special thanks to Ji for ALL her endless efforts in making our community special and also her endless kindness in producing the most fantastic awards I have ever seen, Bless you all, with love..William 🙂

  14. Hi JINGLE,
    I can’t seem to thank you enough for being the brain behind a creative forum such as this. It’s been a platform on which diverse poets from all over the globe have their great talents displayed.

    For all those you considered me fit enough for your vote, words can barely explicate how grateful I am. I remain very motivated and I promise to bring forth that poetic prowess in me more and more…

    Thank you!!!

  15. For some reason my browser has difficulty showing this page correctly…not sure as to the reason this is happening. Either way, it was a fantastically fascinating read, keep up the superb work and I shall come back asap.

  16. Thank you for the post, I am really interested and was hoping if another person had any other connected articles they could point me to. I have fun making website articles too and would love to amass as much information as I can.

  17. It’s cool to finally find a web where the writer understands very well about the topic.

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