Radical Rap

To have the simplified form,

You must have product of distinct prime numbers under the radical sign.

To solve an equation of radicals,

You have to square the term on both sides

To obtain polynomials.

In order to multiply,

You do it by combining inside with inside,

And do the same with the outside.

When you must divide,

Some rules will apply.

Besides that,

You have to simplify

To keep radicals away from down the line.


I hope you have fun today!

21 thoughts on “Radical Rap

  1. I have to show this one to my #2 son. He will be a Math/Econ. student at UCLA. 🙂 Have a fun week. This poem makes Math fun. 🙂

  2. erm ,yes, lol understood everything here, LOL, superb ingenious lady xxx I may not be around the next few days dear, changing broadband so please do not worry if im not around xx

  3. It all equates to = a very nice addition in the world of poetry…… thanks for adding it so the joy can be multiplied…………soulintention bkm

  4. This is creativity at its peak. Beautiful indeed Ji. I have been of the web for the past few days cos my internet was having a problem. I just say ur comments. I am happy for your son and you as well. Please congratulate him for me. He has to shine having a wonderful mother as you. Cheers!!!

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