Theme Thursday-The Guinea Pig Show (Pets)

Hello, I am a guinea pig, regular kind…

Do I look handsome, Oh?

Where is my Mommy?

Do I need to lose weight?

I can be an action movie star, how about you?

It is cool to be someone in a fancy movie!

I enjoy diving!

I dress to impress, cute me, agree?

I am perfect to cuddle when I am stuffed.

I love Olympic games, it keeps me healthy and strong.

See, I am winning the golden medal for biking!

I love friends, regardless their races, gender, or sex.

I always have very healthy diet, cool, right?

Did you ever see a pig race? I run with grace!

Sharing is loving, I love my buddy guinea pigs.

Now you see how capable I can be!

Hello, I am a super guinea pig!


This is a post for Theme Thursday

(Pets) at Theme Thursday

Guinea pigs, or cavies are cutest, very fun-looking, and super lovable animals.

They can make great pets. I hope that YOU enjoy the show here.

I treasure your inputs and welcome your  feedback very much.

Happy Theme Thursday!

;) ;) ;)

26 thoughts on “Theme Thursday-The Guinea Pig Show (Pets)

  1. oh Jingle, I needed a good laugh so much!!!
    This has been an extremely hard time, thank you so much for giving me awards and supporting me with love ;

  2. too funny and love the pics. yes I will get mine up. Trying to do my Wed poetry run

    Love ya

  3. Your pictoral story is so cute!
    Years ago I had some brown n white abyssinian guinea pigs named Miss Piggy n Fred. They had four babies who get up n ran around less than an hour after birth, n were weaned for new homes at one month of age! I miss them- No room here for any.

    I think one of those pics with the gear is from the childs show “Super Pets” which my grandsons watch.

  4. Hahahaha..very cool show indeed…
    where did you find all the pictures?
    so creative as always…well done, love…
    I have been busy modifying my blog…ah..the happy mess I make…
    sorry for the late comments…

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