Spring Haikus


Spring days,

Radiant rays,

Figure fruits on Trays.


Swimming pools,

Gardens tools,

Knitting wools.


A Naughty boy

Plays a fancy toy,

What joy.


Camp around

A water pond

With hidden treasures to be found.


Turn the music on,

Listen to a favorite song,

Party until dawn.


What a delight

To spend a night

On a wild camping site.


Hello, How are You?

Hope that You enjoy some Spring Fun!

Let Me know which one is your favorite!

Many Thanks.

Happy Wednesday!

😉 😉 😉

29 thoughts on “Spring Haikus

  1. Nice work. Er… I write haikus too… surely they are of 5-7-5 syllable structure? (ie. 17 in all). Here are two of mine:

    Grass green; charcoal black.
    Embers dying with last night’s
    Decadence. Dawn breaks.

    Past an illusion,
    Future merely mist. Be kissed
    by the here and now.

  2. Hey, Jingle, my favorite was the garden tools/ swimming pools images. Always a fun time of year. When Kelly gets her cast off, I will fill up her little pool, around the first of July.

    Party to dawn? I think I am too old for that now. 🙂


    Did get your comment, appreciate and honor it and did delete, as requested.

  3. Jingle, I’ve commented on six fresh and well over twelve regs. Will see who else I can get to through tomorrow. Cheers.

  4. How fun this was to read…

    I love number 2 but I can not knit.

    I love Spring because it is so nice..

    Have a great day..

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