Fickle Comfort Slips Away

Fickle comfort slips away,

What is the reason,

It refuses to say.

What it can,

It may not do.

It deserts Me

To please You!


Capricious peace will not bind

The fatigued heart,

The ragged mind,

The motionless expressions,

The restless sleep.

It sports

Within your keep.


Frolic confidence makes its escape

While I watch a video tape.

It fades like the sunset rays,

And I am not sure what kind of game it plays.


This is Thursday Poets’ Rally Poem Post Week 18.

Thanks to Wordwand, Pete, and JP for nominating Jingle

of Week 17 The Perfect Poet Award. As for Week 18, Jingle

Wishes to nominate Celebrating a Year.

Happy Wednesday!

Have Fun in the Rally!

😉 😉 😉

38 thoughts on “Fickle Comfort Slips Away

  1. Jingle, those poems are beautiful! I am still amazed that English is your second language. Seriously, you know more words, and how to use and play with the words better than most people who have English as their only language. The images you paint! And I love your new blog design. So tranquil and sweet!

  2. You do have a way to get one to reflect on ones life. 🙂 Great poem. I love the design. I have three birds. 🙂 Perfect work of art. 🙂 Congrats.

  3. This is excellent. Very profound. I really like this line:The motionless expressions,

    The restless sleep.

    It sports

    Within your keep.”

  4. jingle, I posted my poem. I am off to visit and comment. Will come back when I’m done and will nominate someone then. Blessings.

  5. The more I think of it, the more I think you adopted the way to writing poetry from Confucius as he always put a lot of humor in the wisest of ways…
    well done , Jingle …
    now you know why I nominated you for the Perfect Poet…
    you did not disappoint in this at all…
    I dare say you are improving or maybe ONLY NOW, you are showing us your true talents?

  6. Still amazed how the words can pop out just like that btw what speed is your RAM underneath your skull haha. Great poem like em very much. cheers tQ.

  7. Love the poem, Jingle, especially the stanza beginning with
    “Capricious peace will not bind
    The fatigued heart,
    The ragged mind”

    Wonderful lines 🙂 Enjoyed

  8. Just another jog back to say this- Ji since I have met you you always have a smile, a word of encouragement. You are always looking for ways to enhance the talent of others.
    You are a blessing to us all!!!

    1. so sweet of you!

      you give me the impression that, you meant your words, follow the rules, always commented for FRESH POETS, this is what I appreciate it.

      take care.

  9. Fickle comfort steals away,
    what it knows it will not say.
    What it can, it will not do.
    It flies from me to comfort you.

    -Maya Angelou
    “Changes” from Shaker: why don’t you sing.

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