Breaking News-Someone Will Be With You Shortly

A book to Share with You!

Jingles newest blogging buddy Katherine Krige at Katherine had her very first contest in the blog-sphere.

Here is what she said:

That’s right! For all of you lovely people out there that come by to visit and post a comment, I will throw your name into a hat for the chance at winning a copy of the book. Indeed! So just go over there to the comment link and leave me your two cents worth and an email address so that I can find you later, and you too can pester your family, pets or dust mites with the sounds of your mirth  as you flip the pages of Kogan’s book. Come one, come all…”

See more details at A New Day via link below: (April 28, 2010)

Katherine announced the winner on May 4, 2010:

Jingle has won the book titled Someone Will Be With You Shortly.

The book is in Jingle’s hand right now, today is May 10, 2010. What A Mircale.

Kathrine is a three times published author
Reworked Dreams; Shadows and Light, 1996
A Tick-Tock of the Clock on a Wednesday Night so Fine; The National Library of Poetry, 1997

Where the multi-media roam;
Odyssey: A Journey of a Lifetime; Two-page article, including pictures in the London Free Press, Dec 1996
*topic- recounting of my ten-month journey through the African continent through journal entries and pictures with an introduction written by herself.


Thank you, Kathrine, for joining our Thursday Poets’ Rally and for being supportive of Jingle.  Jingle is proud of your achievement and wishing you much success in near future. xxx

Gratitude With Attitude Award from Jingle

Princess Katherine Award

Butterfly Mom Award

Kathrine, The Three Awards from above Are for YOU. Enjoy!


Purple Angel from Viola

Pink Flowers from Doraz

From Alina:

From INKBox Illustrations:

From Shakira:

Me got award,tribute and nominations for you here. hugs shakira

Jingle is grateful for your kind intentions, you rock, Kathrine, Viola, Alina, and Shakira. xxx

I share the three gifts on the bottom with all of you.


For the Book Jingle receive  Someone Will Be With You ShortlyJingle is still reading it.

Due to the female perspective of the book, and the fairness to pick a winner, she decide to KEEP THE BOOK for herself. Apology goes to all of you, especially Jannie Funster who commented to win…

PEACE! Happy Day!

Have fun!

😉 😉 😉

20 thoughts on “Breaking News-Someone Will Be With You Shortly

  1. Congrats on the book, Jingle!! LOVE the title of it.


    Well, you have already been so good to me, I feel I do not deserve to have a chance at this but since you INSIST… I’d like the book because…

    — the title makes me smile
    — I want to know Jingle’s address so I can send HER something in the mail too
    …I have had “the blahs” lately and this would surely pick me up!



  2. What a fabulous idea Jingle. I am so honoured with the awards. You are so sweet to be so kind. I am so happy to have met you, as I sit here with a huge grin spread across my face. 🙂 That does nothing to show my gratitude, but it will have to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. For reasons of pure goodness and writing acuity, I believe all you Peeps are deserving of the awards, and Jingle of the prize book. I do not read much–well yes, but not books. I’ll probably read “Someone Will Be With You Shortly”. I’m deeply interested in politics, and I DO believe Kagan will play a major role in shaping our world, since she will probably be on the bench for at least 20 years, and more…

    Good posts here…

  4. How exciting for you. 🙂 You must tell us how you like the book once you have finished reading it. CONGRATS Jingle. Happy Tuesday to you. The award designs are brilliant. 🙂

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