I Rise, No Surprise

You may let me down on purpose

With your bitter or ill logics.

You may dislike me, I suppose,

But, like the air, I rise.

Does my frankness upset you?

Do you enjoy seeing me miserable?

Does my background offend you?

Do you prefer me to being less able?

You may attack me with your words,

You may chop me with your eyes,

You may kill me with your anger,

But, like air, I rise.

Does my gender blind you?

Does my friendliness bore you?

Does it come as a surprise

That I always find a way to rise?

Leaving behind moments of doubts and fears,

Do a shift in gears.

I carry the dreams of my ancestors,

I rise, NO surprise.


Hello, How are you?

A writer or poet shall be able to go beyond one’s experieces

and write about almost anything in life…I am trying!

Happy Saturday to You All!

The following are 4 U, take them for FREE.

😉 😉 😉

You Make My Life full of Energy (click on the image to see it move ;))

I Value Your Friendship!

27 thoughts on “I Rise, No Surprise

  1. Open up in Soul and feel well Aware
    It is outside yourself that is only there
    For what you know is what is best
    Energy within lasts but outside is at rest
    Keep moving forward on the journey which is here
    Remembering your Soul as it is always near

    enjoy Jingle and Happy Saturday to you and your Soul is always your best friend first..thanks for being mine(+_

    1. Trisha:

      I am not angry right now, I always let go and have peace. I write the poem from the view of an angry person, which does make readers feel like that way.
      Thank you for the feedback!

  2. You inspired me– and this spontaneous villanelle came out! Since I am still exploring the form it surprised me. I dedicate it to you– Happy Mother’s Day!

    and if like the air I rise
    despite your expectation
    it should come as no surprise

    it’s worth unlimited tries
    to feel this exultation
    and if like the air I rise
    over all that I despise
    the trials the tribulation
    it should come as no surprise

    just look straight into my eyes
    to see determination
    and if like the air I rise
    you have not won time denies
    you final jubilation
    it should come as no surprise

    hope vanquished still seldom dies
    so we reach culmination
    and if like the air I rise
    it should come as no surprise


    1. Hello,

      I am surprised that you write a poem based on my post.
      Glad that it inspires you. Everyone has some moments in life that negativity hits us and makes us wonder why and how…

      Happy Mother’s Day to You!
      I recall you have a son, I have two boys, we share something in common!

    1. Brian:

      I treasure your support.
      I never actually spend time being angry or upset…YES, there are people who are out there working hard to drag people down…

      I am thrilled that YOU are one of those who lift people up!
      Your kind remarks appear very precious!

  3. Excellent job in penning this poem with feelings and emotions flowing all through each lines.

  4. “Frankness” does never upset me, so long as it is the frank TRUTH. So that’s why some say, “The truth will set you free”.

    Your blogs are amazingly well thought and written. Thank you.

    P.S. I did not think you are the angry one. I write a poem (I’m new at that) it is not necessarily about me!

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