Magpie Tale-The List of Magpie Tale Participants, A Fantasy

It is July, it’s raining hard outside. Min and Kevin, sister and brother, who are aged at 8 and 10 keep shifting their eyes from the computer screen to take a look at the window next to them.

Their mother is out working; their father has gone to a business trip.  They were told to stay at home by themselves, and they are playing a computer game called “Magpie Tale”, in which they can invent their own adventures and have fun.

They are given a glass globe at the moment, there are three fish floating in water, plus a hand shaped red coral in the center of the ball.

Just as Min and Kevin begin to think about what kind of adventure they could have with the given prompt.



Suddenly, the old oak tree in the backyard of their house is cut by the lightening and heavy branches of trees fall and hit the roof of the house.

The electricity is out! The computer screen turned blank and black.

“Help.” Min screams.

“The roof is leaking.” Kevin cries as he pulls his sister from the chair trying to find a spot to stay and remain safe.


The door to their backyard swings open and stormy water jumps in along with the mighty and angry wind, min and Kevin are swept down on the floor.

“I am dying.” Both of them holler inside as their room is flooded with water from all directions.

“Where am I?” Min notices a big fish in the water with herself floating in a round shaped ball.

“What happened?” Kevin sees a small fish in front of him while he is swimming in water inside a closed ball.

“I am a fish in the computer prompt.”  Both Min and Kevin wiggle their tails as they stare at one another in amazement, they are the fish in the prompt, they have left their parents and can not go home any more.

“Hello, Min and Kevin.” A noble voice came from behind and they see another fish.

“Who are you?” Kevin tries to be brave, because he knows that this fish is the only hope to save him and his sister in order for them to go back to human life.

“I am the Master of imagination.” The gold fish keeps winking at Min, while he answers Kevin’s question.

“Can you help us out? My sister and I want to be a normal boy and a normal girl, we don’t want to live inside this small limited space with No computers or home cooked meals.”

Kevin softens his voice, trying to be nice.

“Sorry, I can’t help.” The Master of imagination turns away, ignoring Kevin.

“Why? Please, I know you can. At least let us know how we can make it work.” Min rushes to the Master’s side, she does a beautiful dance around the master.


“Look at me, I need YOUR HELP.” Min blows a bubble toward the Master.

“The list of magpie tale participants, do you have it?”

“Of course not.”

“mmm..” The master stops, “alright, I will give you the addresses of all of those kids or Magpie Tale participants, both of you must visit all of them, one by one, read their adventures on this particular prompt and reflect what you have learned from them. Once you have reported all the adventures previous players have gotten, you will win freedom to go home, new game players will be coming in to replace you. Got me?”

“Thank you very much. “ Min and Kevin give a sign of relief.

And the following are adventures or magpie tales they have visited before they are given freedom to go home.

1. She Writes
2. A New Day
3. Catalyst
4. David
5. Shigune Matsui
6. Berowne
7. Jane Jones
8. Aoife. Troxel
9. Tumblewords
10. mother sparrow
11. Joanny the dowser’s daughter
12. Crusty Crone
13. Amy
14. Amy tries again
15. suz
16. Angela NZ
17. ~ T~
18. phil
19. Helen
20. sheri
21. Maha
22. Kathe
23. Kuyer Judd
24. Katherine
25. willow
26. Peg
27. Elise Everyday Goddess
28. Susan Sonnen
29. Christine
30. The Bug
31. Kathryn Byer
32. Yemalla
33. Crystal Mary
34. Melinda Owens
35. Strauss
36. rel
37. Little hat
38. Lyn
39. brian miller
40. Nathalie (spacedlaw)
41. A letter to God
42. JC
43. Sam Liu
44. Lisa B
45. Ronda Laveen
46. shakira
47. Jennifer
48. Carmen’s Chronicles
49. Teri
50. Sharon Ingraham
51. You’re next!

You are next, go on and enjoy the fun!


This Is Jingle’s entry for Magpie Tale at

Magpie Tale

Hello, How are YOU?

Today’s kids play so much computer games,

Jingle combined the fact and the wish to write a

magpie tale so that we have a story, a fantasy to enjoy.

hope that you enjoy my entry, and please FEEL FREE

to visit all pareticipants so that you see a whole picture of

what everyone is doing. cheers!

Happy Tuesday to you All!

😉 😉 😉

27 thoughts on “Magpie Tale-The List of Magpie Tale Participants, A Fantasy

    Brilliant, absolutely…
    I could never write like that!
    Bravo, I am so proud of you!
    Great tale!

  2. Excellent story jingle. I am so glad it wasn’t a real storm, had me worried for a second. You are doing really good on writing stories.

  3. well well, u are simply the talented one, this was a superb story, u rock at this, william has competition for short stories lol xx luv u xx

  4. Wow….A magpie tale that comes to life and lives right in front of us (on your post)….more or less like we are Min and Kelvin (I felt like them when I got to the end of the read) Lovely work Jingle. In the words of Jay Z “You can pay for school but you cant buy class” and you just showed another bit of class here. cheers!!!

  5. this lighthearted magpie entry was so much fun…interesting the way you included all of us…wonderful you, jingle 🙂

  6. This is delightfully clever. What a fun and whimsical way to use the photo prompt. This could be a children’s book.

  7. Wow, I loved that. Look forward to seeing more in the future.

    Thank you for posting a comment.


  8. Wow Jingle that was so clever & so very creative. Wonderful Magpie! And how very lovely of you to list us all in your story…Magpie Tails is sooooo much fun!!!

  9. Aloha! I thought I might add a short comment since I have spent the better part of the previous half hour reading through your weblog posts. I’m really liking with the level of quality of writing you’ve got on this blog here, and I’ll certainly be back again to say hello there again in the near future. That’s just about it from my end, hope you have a superb rest of the year!

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