He Is A Poet

I know a poet

Who takes everything for inspirations,

Troubled kids, family times,

Including a lover’s immature decisions.

A loving couple could move him,

An aging or sick lady could make him write,

Risking his fame,

both day and night.

He would discover a potential implications

In every blog posts,

He would jot down stuff during family vacationss

And publish a poem to feature the hosts.

He is a poet,

The stories he wrote are always skillfully told.

He is a friend,

He is honest, kind, and never tries to pretend.

26 thoughts on “He Is A Poet

  1. the feedback of this is amazing, I am surprised that you have the interest in this…Smiles!

    I will not specify anyone…

    I suggest that you guys to ask William, Brian, or Adam themselves, ask them to read it and see how they feel…

    I appreciate your comments.

  2. hi dear, awe a guessing game lol, people were quick to think it was one of us, lol sweet, it could be anyone as there are some superb writers out there, but the thing is whomever it is, they must be special to have a nice poem like this written for them, excellent heart xx

  3. I think it is William. It could as easy be Brian becauae it does sound like him too, but I do believe this one is for William. Adam is a wonderful man too.

  4. It could be any of the men who comment here. I love and respect them all. Whoever he is –he is lucky to have YOU as a friend. And so am I.

    And glad as always, to be back here on your blog.


    Oh, and beautiful picture up in your header!

    xo (again)


  5. nice one ji…
    i put my money on william…
    i could list quite a few male bloggers that frequent the rally…
    that is what is cool about poets, they have to have the eye…to see beyond what is seen.


    The poet inspired you….His inspirations brought you inspiration to write this….You might be the female version of the poet….LOL…

    Who could the poet be????

  7. woww Jingle!

    In this one poem, you have described what a true poet has to be like!Gleaning inspiration from the different aspects of life…so whether it is Brian or William, what a wonderful comliment you are paying them through your poem..
    I think u shld definitely reveal the poet’s name and make him have an ‘out of this world’ feeling

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