Sunday 160-Fun No Ends

Bylines and bypaths,
A long way to go.
Bygones or bywords,
Lots of stories to tell.
Families and friends,
fun no ends.
I got what I want,
No question about it.


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on  Monkey Man. ;)

I used the character calculator

21 thoughts on “Sunday 160-Fun No Ends

  1. THanks for my award.. I will see if it is on your other blog. I saw your comment.. Have a great Sunday..

    1. i have been really busy lately but just saw thousands of posts at your blog! heh heh… and that’s a good thing! sadly, i am no poet! but yeahhhh i wish we had a week off again :\

  2. I like this one, very well done jingle. Have a nice day, and I will get my awards in a little while.

  3. I do have lots of stories to tell….but, I am too lazy to count. lol 🙂 Hope you are having a fun Sunday. I am going to visit a few friends today. My Mom is better. 🙂

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