Family Friday-The Perfect of Everything Award Has A Winner


Guess Who He Is?

#1: The poet who has the most comments in each of his posts in our community.

#2: The poet who attends Thursday Poets Rally every single week.

#3: The poet who wins The Perfect Poet Award every single week even since it is created.

#4: The poet who wins The Celebrate of Poet of March Award, The Celebrate Blogger of March in Short Story Writing Award, and The Celebrate Blogger of March In Humor Award .

#5: The poet who has been visiting and commenting for all participants and almost all fresh poets in every single Rally week, and never whines about it in the case that fresh poets do not always return favors.

#6: The poet who is the best father to his boys, the best son to his beloved parents, and the passionate husband to his lovely wife.

and Jingle believes that he deserves

The Perfect of Everything Award

Congratulations Light Plue Text Stars Glitters

And Now, Jingle presents to Friends:

The Most Talented Blogger Award







Peterson~St. Louis







Celebrating a Year

Mama Zen


Jannie Funster







Heart And Roses Glitters

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Heart within a Heart Glitters

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Hearts Glitters

Please visit the following links to get to know Brian Miller,

Who is the winner of The Perfect of Everything Award as a family man,

plus a perfect poet in our poetry family.

Passionate Love Between A Father and his Son:

Merry Christmas Family Fun Post: Cane-Deer Christmas Party:

Two of Brian’s Humor Posts: Laug hand and  Play with Your Food

He loves his wife of 14 years of marriage dearly and whole-heatedly.

Visit his Love Post to his wife: Waiting on a woman

He actually does book views,

Read his wise words here: Truth About You:

He also does movie views: bones:

His family has been very creative, see how they make ginger bread house:

His view about relations among humans:

his  view on  cultural bonds cross the global:

His inspirational Christmas Poem: dark side of Christmas:

His view on forgiveness:

This is a Post for Family Fridays hosted by

Amy at Keeping up with the Schultz Family

and Lori at:Peterson~St. Louis

20 thoughts on “Family Friday-The Perfect of Everything Award Has A Winner

  1. Congratulations, Brain, I agree with Jingle 100%. You are a wonderful father, husband, and all around man.

  2. Jingle thank you from my heart sweetie for this beautiful and amazing wonderful award. You are one special lady and friend.
    Love and Prayers,

  3. Jingle you are very emphathetic kind for acknoledging peoples efforts and work. Love you just for what you are… And hey i ges im becomin your stalker now, so wherever you go there i am, not a single moment alone… 😉

  4. Congrats to Brian! His work exhibits an emotional quality & creative precision that amazes me.

    Enjoy the weekend, Jingle 🙂

  5. Congrats Brian!!! Thank you Jingle you do keep us “Happy” by sharing these “Beautiful Awards”!!! Have a good one I’m out and about for the evening,feels good to go.:D 😀

  6. thanks jingle for the awrad.
    congratulations to Brian, he really deserves this special award cos he ‘s a special poet and he’s supportive of all the bloggers in the community.

  7. brian certainly is a very, very talented writer, extremely talented writer. i have been reading his blog regularly and i have no doubt that he is perfect.

    there are so many fantastic writers here that i feel awestruck by their writing capacity, you are one of them.

    congratulations brian- you so so so so much deserve this award.

    with warmest affections,

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