In A Time When Bliss Comes

In a time of soul searching,

Today’s efforts are worth noticing,

Everyone knows what everyone else is doing,

My heart beats in perfect rate.


In a time of sneaky signs,

Happy hellos and tricky goodbyes.

Truth is told, no more lies,

My conscience echos great!


In a time when bliss comes,

Magical things fall in your palms,

milk, cheese, cakes come from dairy farms,

Pain is killed for Goodness’s sake.


For Thursday Poets Rally week 15 Information, please visit here:

20 thoughts on “In A Time When Bliss Comes

  1. Bliss is worth waiting and searching for. I cut and pasted the link and left it on Poet Traveler for you. It didn’t come up as a link for some reason, so he will have to cut and past to get back to you!

  2. Another fabulous post babe, I have some good news, I have been trying to get a job since moving to England to be with family, a hard struggle ensued patience has paid off I start my new job on Monday I am really happy, I will do some reading of new poets on the rally dear, I am behind, but I know u will forgive me, u always do xx

  3. “In a time of sneaky signs,

    Happy hellos and tricky goodbyes.”

    Wonderful lines like those are why I LOVE poetry so much. Beautiful meanings taking us on journeys via words, open to interpretation. Different for each of us. Timeless. Changing. beautiful.


  4. Hey Jingles,

    Remember me? It’s been so long, I know. Well, school is ALMOST over (just 2 more weeks) then I’ll return to regular blogging again!!! Yayyy!!! I actually posted a poem this morning–it sorta needs revising, and I would like some help with that (if you don’t mind) 🙂

    Oh, and great poem!!! I miss coming on your site and commenting on all your posts…Don’t worry, you’ll hear more from me really soon!

    Rania Abuisnaineh

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