Thursday Poets Rally Week 15 (April 22-28, 2010)


Welcome to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 15.

On week 14, you have made such awesome progress, I appreciate your willingness to listen and follow the rules.

Best Wishes for week 15.

Rules to Participant:

#1: If you are a poet who is new and want to join our Thursday Poets’ Rally, post a poem in your own blog, and comment here with Your Poem link Included to let me know, I will add your on, visit 12 participants to fulfill the requirement.

#2: If you are previous participants, please feel free to visit either 12 fresh poets in my list, or visit 6 participants that are new to you, 6 fresh poets in my list.

#3: Very important, please make sure to comment back to return compliment when you are given comments by our participants.

#4: After you have commented a minimum 12 blogs, let me know and you will remain on the list the following week as active poets.

PS:Your link will NOT appear as participants UNLESS you commented below, I need your word of approval so that we have mutual understanding and respect upon this event. Thank U in Advance and Have FUN on the Rally!

Week 14 The Perfect Poet Award Winners

Thursday Poets Rally Week  14 Post:

Week 15 Participants

Jingle will comment for 12 fresh poets,

She will comment for all of the participants, wishing you all do the same.

Please always comment under this post to let me know you want to be in, or have done your post along with link included.

Jabbering and Mururing: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Amy The black,, 😉 😉 ;))



divyanshu:, 😉 😉 ;))

Sara: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

BFG, 😉 😉 ;))

Moondai (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Trisha:, 😉 😉 ;))

Wordwand: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Ediomo Udofia:, 😉 😉 ;))

Adam, 😉 😉 ;))

Jaymie (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Things I shall never say: (Done, 😉 😉 ;))

Ishabelle:, 😉 😉 ;))

Shan:, 😉 😉 ;))

snippets:, 😉 😉 ;))

Ibok: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Justin:, 😉 😉 ;))

luna12780, 😉 😉 ;))

kara, 😉 😉 ;))


Arambler:, 😉 😉 ;))

Blank thoughts

celebrating a year: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Ana:, 😉 😉 ;))

doubtfulpoet, 😉 😉 ;))

william, 😉 😉 ;))

Ray;, 😉 😉 ;))

Jingle:, 😉 😉 ;))


Moondustwriter:…(done, 😉 😉 ;))

Megzone: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Raj: 😉 😉 ;))

fiveloaf:, 😉 😉 ;))

Jstar: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Suzi:, 😉 😉 ;))

Jannie Funster:, 😉 😉 ;))

Pete: (#1, Done, 😉 😉 ;))

Waystationone: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Sakhii: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

anthonynorth (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Kseverny’s Blog: (he commented this morning), 😉 😉 ;))

Three new awards on poetry will be assigned on or by this Friday.

Blog Promotion:

Please visit and comment to request a promotion post for your lovely blog by following this link:

Week 15 Fresh Poets to Know or Explore:

Luna12780’s Blog:

Night and Day Poems of Amy Nash:

Kara Douglas’ Writing:


Miriam’s Well:

The Night Writer:

Vicious Or Virtuous:

The sieve and the sand:

Tara Miller Writes:

Awakening through love:

The current word:

Tangled Webs:

Sorry, Apologies:

Two Ghosts:

my thoughts in words:

laugh hard:


TheWorld According to Evalinn:



Moon’s melancholic mumblings:

Dustus’s Blog:


The blank wall:



Moondustwriter’s blog:


85 thoughts on “Thursday Poets Rally Week 15 (April 22-28, 2010)

  1. Dear Jingle!!

    I will have a poem up in an hour or two!!! Yay, I will for sure be happy to participate this week.

    And I will be a very very good girl, and will abide by all your wonderful rules!! 🙂

    Oh, and big apologies for your comments going into spam today. As I just wrote in my comment on my site… “I finally got my API key hooked up for my Akismet — and it is doing weird things to my site. Yikes. Hopefully once you have been approved once, you should sail through every time. I will keep a close eye to make sure all you sweeties precious comments make it through!!”

    See you soon, Sugar Lady!!

    Off to put a poem together and find a lovely photo for it!!


  2. alright…hit the newbies jingle…theres my 12 to get me on the board. hope you are having a wonderful day. be back in a bit for some more…

  3. Thank you for always recognizing bloggers and giving them the inspiration to do their best and have fun doing it. 🙂 Have a great day! 🙂

  4. hello,
    Thanks for this golden opportunity. It is greatly appreciated.


  5. I’m there! ❤ I'm going to check out next weeks fresh faces tonight! Thanks also for the short story award I'm going to blog it later on tonight **huuuugs**!!

  6. What an amazing start to your writing.. I hope you have an amazing day.. I can’t leave comments on William’s blog again.. It was a great post but I can’t let him know. Have an amazing day..

    Off for a walk…

  7. Sorry sweetie but my eyes just won’t let me visit many blogs for a few weeks. Afraid my eye doctor is making me hang low for awhile. So I won’t be around as often as I was and on as many blogs. Also I will not be accepting anymore beautiful awards for awhile. I am sorry but the doctor said it is a must right now. She agree on me doing very limit reading. Thank you for understanding that I have to take care of my eyes.

        1. one week,
          but we generally finish by Thursday or Friday!
          if you could not get your job done fast, when I assign awards on poetry, I may not sure about your performance because most people get it done already.
          I am off the computer for 3 hours,
          sorry for being late!
          I am coming to visit you, all of the participants now.

  8. I am done – Yes!!!!
    one site I couldn’t post a comment to – sorry
    thanks for another fun week

  9. I will have my poem up this morning without fail! I’ve been through some amazing blogs this week, such diverse style. I’ll take a look at some new ones this morning but I shall be all done replying to comments by the time my post is up. Thanks again Ms J for all the work you put in here 🙂 Hope you have an amazing day


  10. All done with new poets, chacking out my post now for typos! I’ll be answering my comments later tonight! Me tierd ;'( Meh I’ll get over it!! xxx

  11. Hi Jingle! Just wanted to let you know that I have visited and commented on 12 blogs. Thanks so much!

  12. dear, sweet, jingle,

    the poetic dozen completed. I have accomplished my goal last week too, and have informed you like a good follower, but I think that got lost in the crowd of comments. Please put up the smileys beside my name too. 

    I will never fail reading the enchanting blogs. Thanks for supplying us their names.

    Thanks a lot dear lady.

    Happy Friday and weekend,
    Have a glorious weekend.

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