As I Open A book And Turn The Pages

As I open a book

And turn the pages,

I walk into lives of writers

Whose word engages.

As I intake soul food

And feel spiritually good,

I cannot help beaming

About some pleasant screaming.

As I scan the news online

To seek extra fun,

I warn myself

To be easy on stuff such as a elf.

As I play a game

That carries my name,

I am careful

Not to be too tame.

As I feel happy and able.

I mean nil harm to those who feel miserable.

Money shall not be everything

In a healthy living,

Harvest what one sows,

That’s how one grows.


Thursday Poets Rally Information will be posted

12 hours later…

Jingle is working on it…

Happy Wednesday!

😉 😉 😉

18 thoughts on “As I Open A book And Turn The Pages

  1. nice. loved this one Jingle…we change the world around us in each and every thought, action, word, attitude…yet i wonder how careful we really are?

  2. Jingle u vry beautifully and simply state the wisest of the things with a lot of optimism. This quote’s perfect for you ‘i love you not only for what you are, but for what i am when i am with you’ you rock honey… Hugs

  3. this is a beautiful and inspiring poem! My favorite lines are “I am careful not to be too tame” (love it) and “harvest what one sows, that’s how one grows” (so true). Thank you, Jingle, for all your uplifting and wise words.

  4. this was by far ur best poem yet, this was packed with emotion and reality, u are the best xx I am about to collect my lovely awards, hope I get it right lol xxx

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