Love Makes A Family

Love makes a family,

Together members live happily.

Infinite types that families can be,

Everyone is special for the world to see.

Family is special,

Family is fun,

Everything is shared

And the love for each other is never impaired.

If one is hurt,

So do the rest,

Being part of a family is divine,

Live, laugh, and what fun.

Love makes a family,

Together members live happily,


Family Fridays is hosted by Amy and Lori at

Amy@Keeping up with the Schulz Family


Peterson~St. Louis

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Jingle’s Flash Friday 55 is here:

10Q for the time!

22 thoughts on “Love Makes A Family

  1. this is such a true and powerful post. Thanks for writing this and linking up today… I always smile when I read your writings.. Thanks again..

    Have a great weekend..

  2. “Happy Friday” Jingle,beautiful poem on family and how true it is,family is very important!!!! Thanks also for my “Beautiful Awards”!!!!
    😀 😀
    Luv ya

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  4. oh, really nice, ji! was looking for your 55 but i guess you didn’t post one today? didn’t matter, you still had lots to say!
    thanks for stopping by to comment 🙂

  5. this is the core truth- love, not genetic binding makes a family.

    have felt it on internet. when a group of unselfish, loving, caring persons come together they create a family anywhere/everywhere- true family.

    with lots of love.

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