Because She Is Plain-Magpie Tale

Amanda bites her lips tight

As she sits at the bench of the dancing site.

The music is hot,

Every dancer shines in one’s unique spot.

Ann is dancing with her date Ken,

Which makes Amanda feel some pain.

“She is shy,

Please don’t even try.”

Ann always talks

To guys who come to invite Amanda for walks.

“Give me a chance.”

Ken begs Ann to encourage Amanda to dance.

“She wears No lipsticks.”

Ann teases Amanda.

“She needs NO lipsticks”

Ken defends Amanda.

But when three of them finally come,

Amanda feels so damn.

Because she is plain,

She is not invited by guys often,

Not even Ken.

Ann dresses up like a fairy,

She pulls her body very close to make her partner merry.

That’s NOT what Amanda would do,

Thus she is not considered cool.

Ken really tries

To be real nice,

But to Amanda’s dismay,

She is not ready for that kind of intimacy.

Amanda bites her lips tight

As she sits at the bench of the dancing site.

This is a magpie tale, thank you for reading!


The poem above is a fiction based on some facts or old memories.

I hope that YOU enjoy the read.

Happy Tuesday!

Do YOU enjoy dancing when you are in college?

😉  😉  😉

42 thoughts on “Because She Is Plain-Magpie Tale

  1. Wonderful post Jingle, I loved dancing at any time, although I had two left feet. LOL But I never did much slow dancing anyways, square danced, the twist, the bop, and so on.

  2. Beautiful post. Hi. I am midniteprincess and I was wanting to tell you some stuff bout me but I didn’t exactly know where to put it so I thought I would say something bout myself. I am a poet that is looking to get acknowledged for the poetry that I do write.


  3. They use to call those girls “wall flowers” not sure what they call them today — you brought out a hot button for some teens — sad but true.

    Good read,


  4. wonderful is that! I think it is alright to be plain, again like what Brian said, she just need to get ready.
    Happy Tuesday!
    hugs, shakira

  5. You have captured the wall-flower experience well. Sad that so many girls have to go through this – it’s a rite of passage in many ways.


  6. Sometimes it is those very girls who later blossom. They have a different kind of beauty. Perhaps lipstick is not for them? I liked your thought-provoking post.

  7. Hello Jingle, thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. I loved your poem. I feel so sad for someone like your Ann. I was just the opposite, always up jigging around and found my own partners. I loved to dance and married a man who loved to dance too. We were a spitfire couple. Come again and I will be looking for you. blessings

  8. I disagree with you dear, your not shy lol, yeah maybe then but not now hehe, look at all the people u deal with daily hehhe, I think this was fantastic, you really made a great effort with magpie tales and as far as I am concerned its a winner xxx

  9. Well you are the nicest person to do this. lol
    Wish I could be a writer but it takes me too long to think. My mind is a clutter as they say:)
    Have a good one:)

  10. Yes, I enjoyed dancing anywhere I went and never needed a partner.
    I had so much fun with myself that people would begin to come and enjoy also.
    Guys…..who needs them….right? lol
    It’s nice to be a free woman.:)

  11. Hello

    I made a comment earlier, and came back to re-read your poem. It is really quite good, I look forward to reading more of your work.


    1. Dear Joanny:

      Would you mind place your link in the comment,
      I clicked on your name but failed to hop to your blog,
      I appreciate your sweet comments and kind encouragement,
      I wanted to visit you back, thus please write your link in a new comment below…
      Happy Tuesday to you!

  12. great piece, there is so much going on in this poem and so many perspectives displayed, mostly I loved the interplay between everyone

  13. finally got your link to work…this was a bit unclear or didn’t resonate with me….I wondered why you had the title when it wasn’t really in the poem as I read it. Some of the phrases are resonant, but a very different take on the tube; keep on a good first effort for sure.

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