Follow Jingle To Make Your Blog Twinkle

The Blue Love Award From Jingle

Your Blog Is Grand Award from Jingle

Hello, How are You?

As many of you know, Jingle does not do blog roll,

But Jingle cares about the feedback of her posts very much.

Jingle encourages YOU to follow her on daily basis, simply commenting

under her post is the way of following her, she will follows you if you follows her.

Beginning this Sunday, Jingle will select two posts (nobody knows which post she will select)

and give two new awards to those who have commented under those two posts.

This week, Jingle honors the following friends who commented under posts:

Saturday Greetings

55-Her Name Is Hate (PG-13)

Thank YOU for the beautiful and encouraging comments in my two special posts this week.

Enjoy A Graceful Sunday!    xxx






Secret agent woman


The Graphic Bee

Vodka Logic


peterson~st. louis

















Jannie Funster




If you expect awards, you must follow Jingle, otherwise, Nothing is guaranteed   😦  !

Happy Sunday to You all!

😉  😉  😉


The Deadline to vote or nominate The Celebrate Poet of March Award is Sunday, Jingle will give you

about 15 hours upon the publishing of this post to finish your nomination!

Please act and ask questions if you have confusions.

26 thoughts on “Follow Jingle To Make Your Blog Twinkle

  1. Always love checking in and seeing what Jingle has going on. Very pretty awards – did you design those? Your talents are endless. Thanks. Have a lovely and restful Sunday.

  2. My dearest Jingle,
    You are so precious! You do not have to give me any awards to follow you, love. I always come over to see you… Thank you for the lovely awards, I love the piano. I play.
    Have you a great Sunday!

    1. It seems like I am begging people,
      but it is not.
      I simply make it clear that what criterion I use to give awards.
      I value those who come see me and that’s what I did.

  3. Hi Jingle
    I totally agree with all of the comments,you are a fun and loving person and I’m glad I meet you and that you’re my friend!!! I love the “beautiful” awards you’ve made and Thanks so much! “Happy Sunday” 😀 😀

      1. Don’t worry dear Jingle, you are doing a great job , and I wonder how you can do all this tremendous effort in such a short time and with a matchless precision.

        I thought I didn’t comment on any of the topics you mentioned.And after all your friendship is my most precious award.
        thanks for adding me .good luck.

  4. A blogroll appearance is always nice Jingle. 🙂 It makes it easier to visit daily for me. Congrats again to you all! Thank you for the beautiful gifts. 🙂 Have a great week.

  5. ji I think u have lost your vocation, u should have been a designer, these are simply awsome, just like u, I will pick them up tomorrow and gracefully post them xxx

  6. WOOT!!! Thanks for the award my friend. Much appreciated. You do a good job with those. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead 🙂

  7. Jingle, I am a little confused are these awards for me too? I won’t post them until I hear from you about them. If they are I just want to thank you, I am thrilled and honor.

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