Weekend Funnies Week 5-But A Fierce Tempered Man To Marry


There is No mile-long-tailed bird to tease,

No forest-sized fire burn to ease,

But a fierce tempered man to marry,

Do you worry or tarry?

Oh, Yes,

I surely guess.

I Beg,

My dear friend Meg,

You have to hearten your man first,

Feed him soft music

So that no lion like roars to burst.

Life is cool,

The sky is blue,

The turf is grassy,

Who dares to bully Meg, YOU, by being bossy?

Try your best, Meg,

Stop him from being a rotten egg.

A bad tempered man is not that bad,

As long as his heart itches for YOU as a lad.

If the fierce tempered man is a fire,

Meg, you shall be the water to calm his desire.

Love shall never expire,

Follow him until both of you retire.

Hello, How are You?

Happy Saturday!

;) :) ;)

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A new friend, KATHY@ME AND MY MEME
has been hosting a meme called “Hooray for Saturday”, Kathy and Shakira have

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24 thoughts on “Weekend Funnies Week 5-But A Fierce Tempered Man To Marry

  1. wow just left here and managed to get a bus back for this VERY funny post, u make me pee myself Ji, this was really funny, my post will be on tomorrow, but u are the winner in my eyes xx luv ya xx

  2. I did get your comments. I think it was because I was adding something to my blog when you went to leave a comment.. Great writing as ever.. Have a wonderful weekend..

  3. This is funny Jingle, and yes you should be the winner. Sorry it took me so long to pop in, but my grandson is sick with that nasty virus going around, and grandma has to give him some extra attention because his mommy is working.

  4. This is too funny Ji 🙂 I linked it up for you. I was going to tell you that if you use the codes that are underneath our buttons on my post then our pictures will link to our blogs for you 🙂 Have a lovely day! ♥

  5. Oh..my…I’m such a pessimist sometimes…don’t belive we change folks from who they are…either that’s what you want or not…I know…that’s probably why this vacation is a good thing…visit with you when I get back…love all that you do!

  6. My dearest Jingle,
    WOW.. you ROCK it.. poor Meg!
    You are SO PRECIOUS, love.
    Thank you for contributing when I know that you must be so busy. Next week we are working on a theme, but you may choose to do that or ANY OTHER THEME? This is just so that we do not run out of ideas?
    Love you!
    Did I tell you that I really like this poem?
    You have such a WICKED SENSE OF HUMOR and

    p.s I have linked you up…thx!

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