55-Her Name Is Kate (PG-13)

Cute little fingers
Hold a yellow fan,
Shiny and sunny,
What fun.
Her name is Kate,
She doesn’t blame her fate.
Born a girl
In a country
Where the society prefers a boy,
She swallows some stares
And strives to discover joy.
I have faith in her,
Because she is bright,
Everything will be alright.


Write a story or a poem that is fiction in 55 words. Give it a try and notify  G-man

This poem is inspired by Brian Miller at Brian with his 55-at the park (PG 13).

Brian portrays a troubled little girl at the park which raises questions about the impact of our society on children.

Jingle shows that life could be enjoyable and every child deserves to be fully loved regardless one’s living condition.


Her Name Is Kate

Jingle shares a photo of her niece, her sister’s daughter which is taken when she was 4.

jingle’s  55 is about Kate (Her true name is not revealed here), Jingle tries to show, on the other hand,  that a loving family is always essential for one to find happiness and love in life, regardless one’s race, gender, and background.

Family Fridays is hosted by Amy and The Petersons at

Amy@Keeping up with the Schultz Family


Peterson~St. Louis

25 thoughts on “55-Her Name Is Kate (PG-13)

  1. Great message, Great writing. Lovely photo. 🙂 Children are the future and we need to love them unconditionally. Happy Friday! 🙂

  2. I came back to look at your niece.
    She is adorable!
    She must be so beautiful now, right?
    I can relate to gender and race bias so well.
    We all fight for a better tomorrow for all our children.
    Very well done, Jingle.
    Very handsome family you have!

  3. lovely…everyone everywhere should be valued for their true worth not based on gender, race, economic status, etc…

  4. What strikes me is that many countries do not truly value women as much as they value men within the societal power structure…quite sad, but an unfortunate reality…the glass ceiling is in many countries.

  5. hi ji xxxx beautiful little girl, lovely poem, she is cute:) sorry you have had trouble posting comments I have repaired it, please can u try again for me xx fingers crossed, u are not the only one who has had this issue xx luv ya xx

  6. Ji this is a lovely poem & your niece is absolutley gorgeous. Like a little porcelain doll, perfect!
    Thank you kindly for coming over & visiting my blog!

  7. very nice. been away all day so just now playing catch up…

    and you are so right, each child should be given the opportunity…

    nice 55 friend.

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