Choose A Healthy Boundary Over Emotional Withdrawal

How can one tell the difference between a healthy boundary and emotional withdrawal?

The difference is motivation. When you set healthy boundaries, you do NOT blame or judge others. But emotional withdrawal is a type of seeking external power, i. e.,one attempts to manipulate or control.

Healthy boundaries are the intentions of authentic power, one becomes full or whole as independent source when one has healthy boundaries. One takes full responsibilities for your actions or experiences, not to hold others resposible for what happened to you.

When your intention is an intention of your soul–harmony, cooperation, sharing, or reverence for life, you are gaining authentic power.

Authentic power could be considered as the experience of meaning, vitality, creativity, and fun. Humbleness, clarity, open mind, forgiveness, and passion are characteristics of an authentically empowered individual.



This is a post for Theme Thursday (Boxes) at Theme Thursday

We are living in a world of diversity of cultures, creating a healthy boundary in reality or in blogging world is vital.

A box could be useful when it comes to functions as containers, yet our thoughts, shall never be limited in a box, our

expectations to younger generations or children shall be open and fit to each individual kid in the light of love…

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit at Jingle and Happy Happy Thursday to YOU all!

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26 thoughts on “Choose A Healthy Boundary Over Emotional Withdrawal

  1. what a powerful post. As a parent it is my job to teach my child what life has to offer and then run with it…

    Have a great day..

  2. Powerful post Jingle. I am sure everyone who reads it will learn from you wisdom. I think you are a very wise lady to be as young as you are.

  3. The good thing about healthy boundaries is that one can see beyond them. Emotional withdrawal rarely allows that.

    Excellent advice, Jingle.

  4. good post Ji..I agree we should take responsibility for our own actions. On the other hand sometimes people like to take credit for things you did. That’s not good either ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. i love your blog and I especially like what you have to say above. I guess it has taken me seven years of therapy to come to the same conclusions you write about above. Hmmm…maybe I could have saved thousands of dollars on head shrinking by plunging into the blog world sooner!!! Thanks for a great post!


  6. I’m not sure why you don’t see the comment form on my blog. I asked if people were having trouble with it and got comments on those two posts you were talking about. Thanks for the input though.

  7. Jingle, I thought I had left the notice on Pilar’s post. I rechecked and it is on there. In fact I first left a comment on his poem about being drunk and then left a comment about the award. Maybe the one about being drunk was not the poem I was supposed to comment on? I like your post today. Much food for thought.

  8. jingle…great take on the theme…healthy boundaries are essential…but i agree we have to be able to see over them or w may miss out on making a difference in life of another…

  9. u my dear are so versatile, this was a great post, u rock, william has been decorating all day, fresh pure white paint, looks great, but its not as good as this post xxx luv ya xx

  10. Healthy boundaries … meaning don’t put up with things that make you uncomfortable? Don’t inter-relate with folk who you feel will chip away at your ethics and your standards.

    Some provocative thoughts here. Thank you for starting this thinking strand in my day.

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