I Seek Spring In Vain

I seek spring in vain

From the trace of your footsteps,

I search cure for pain

From the tears welling up in my eyes.

I fear going astray,

But no way is the right way.

Winding downward,

I see that each river finds its path to ocean,

Every choice leads to the home of emotion.

I dream of sitting on a swing,

Hearing the birds sing,

I fancy about reciprocated bliss,

Loving with embrace and kiss.

Tree leaves bend in soft breeze,

Flowers wink to the seen.

Thoughts fall on earth,

Wait for a rebirth.

38 thoughts on “I Seek Spring In Vain

  1. Oh how beautifu. I too love the line rebirth is on its way. That makes a statement. Wonderfully done my friend.

  2. that was amazing, u captured the very essence of spring and made it beautiful xxx I am in, poem all ready to go on tomorrow xxx and hey dear, thanks again for the lovely awards xx

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