Weekend Funnies Week 4-You, Too, Might Be An Enabler…


“Whaaat!? *nom nom nom nom* I do not have a ‘raisin problem’!”


“*nom nom nom*  Seriously… *nom nom* …I can stop anytime I want…”



Reference: http://www.dailybunny.com/daily_bunny_d8/

Hello, How are You?

You, Too, Might Be An Enabler…


Happy Saturday!

;) :) ;)

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A new friend, KATHY@ME AND MY MEME
has been hosting a meme called “Hooray for Saturday”, Kathy and Shakira have

decided to ”smart partner” , hence feel free to link up for more fun.

20 thoughts on “Weekend Funnies Week 4-You, Too, Might Be An Enabler…

  1. hahhaha now this was cool, loved it, these pics are always amazin, clever rabbit and apt for Easter,m good one xxx hope Jingle has a nice day she deserves xxx

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