…With A Poetic Kiss (Week 10 The Perfect Poet Award Accpetance)

Call the world’s soul

Including mine,

More beautiful than

Is the sun

Making its glory sunshine

To ripe grapes into wine,

Forget about what’s your goal,

Or what’s his,

Let those poets

Welcome Bliss

Of Talents

And have toasts

With a poetic kiss.

Trisha nominated Jingle for week 10 The Perfect Poet Award, what sweet and encouraging treat! She is such a dedicated member in our community and I am very thankful for the joy and enthusiasm she brings to our weekly Rally.

Thank You, Trisha, I am humbled and honored, xxx

I accept the award with my poem post above following the Rules of Acceptance stated in the award post and nominate Doraz at Doraz for week 11 winner

To view Week 10 The Perfect Poet Award Post, click here:


To see Trisha’s nomination, please click here:


For more information about Thursday Poets’ Rally week 11, Please check out the link here:


56 thoughts on “…With A Poetic Kiss (Week 10 The Perfect Poet Award Accpetance)

  1. dear jingle,
    You are beyond perfection. the way you have brought us all together and are keeping us all together is simply awesome! i wonder if you can yourself understand what an outstanding job you have done.
    with lots of affection,

  2. Beautiful poem J, it lingers. I would like to nominate WordWand for the next rally award. Thank you for all the hard work you do – this is an amazing community because of you my friend.

  3. Congratulations…well deserved. Lovely poem as well. I will be posting a poem tomorrow as well as one for my brother in law.

  4. I do not know what to do
    I do not know what to say
    I am simply always amazed
    When I come here everyday

    I am so lucky to have friends
    Who bring me so many smiles
    I know I will keep visiting you all
    A very loooong while!

    Thank you and CONGRATS to you Jingle.
    I will be honored to place this “special gift” in my very special spot on my blog!

    Have fun!

    1. wait until I post week 11 award, but, if you like this logo, please feel free to take it,
      you are amazing in poetry and friendship…

  5. Delightful sweet poem.

    “Forget about what’s your goal,
    Or what’s his,
    Let those poets
    Welcome Bliss”

    You have such a way with words promoting friendship and happiness. Congratulations on your award you deserve them all.

  6. Your words are always so beautiful and captivating.
    You are more than deserving of the award and thank you for…
    …being you!

  7. SUPERB, well deserved, like me dear u need another cabinet, I will build u one, made of glass, shiny and gleaming all day long, please pop over u will find my awards have been posted from YOU AND SHAKIRA XXX

    THis was absolutley wonderful, u grow in talent daily, admired by all xx

    1. Oooops, I did not know I was to wait! I do not understand your rules! I will be sooo happy to wait and see what I will get….so special you make me feel! 🙂 Thanks! Hope you are having fun!

    1. Doraz:

      no problem,
      you or any winner are allowed to choose obe of the available logos,
      you are too serious 🙂
      love your kindness!
      please feel free,
      enjoy your evening!
      Hope that your boy who has spring allgery gets well!

  8. ji, three of the links on the rally will not allow me to comment unless I am logged in?? do not know what this means, we will have to ensure we get access to blogs to comment 🙂

      1. absolutley, just wanted u to know, they are missing out on viewers xxx have a lovely evening and thanks for the comment posted a wee while ago xxx

  9. Your use of language isn’t linear, more like a collage, pasting one feeling to another to create a whole picture. Very nicely done!

  10. How you manage to organize the Rally and still find time to write something so beautiful I will never know.

    There is such warmth and kindness in this circle. I’m so happy to be a part of it!

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