What Thoughts Do You Occupy?

How do you see the world?

The idea that you cannot accept any criticism blocks you, the idea that the world is full of beautiful places delights you. The idea that it is always other people’s fault that your dreams can not come true closes you, the idea that you are open for fresh blood or novel friendships regardless one’s race, gender, age, background, and etc. benefits you.

Making decisions about the relation between the universe and you is crucial! It resembles picking what to post in your blog with a template of themes.  It sets the mood for your whole life experiences.  No matter  where you go, you carry your characters with a link, you are read and considered by the world.

You are in full charge of your own world view, the way you take full responsibility of your blog posts.

What thoughts do you occupy?

How do they form or create?

Why are they powerful?

A little decoration, a proper polish of your thinking and writing, a fruitful idea will brighten your day and reveals the beauty in YOU!

Pick your thoughts and publish it deliberately!

Happy Spring!

😉 😉 😉

21 thoughts on “What Thoughts Do You Occupy?

  1. what a brilliant post dear xxx I totally agree with you and here are my answers…

    I occupy thoughts of friendship and the fact people come to read my work says it all.
    I create a place to come and read, like a friendly library were u CAN speak lol
    the power of creativity is awsome, and should be used only to entertian or maybe help others
    your place is like a sanctuary for the world xx

  2. I’m not sure that any one thought or group of thoughts occupies my mind…I’m just a poet…I write the words… and to tell you the truth…I’m not sure where they come from sometimes…there appears to be a muse on the loose. 🙂

  3. wonderful post…our thoughts become words, sharp as a sword. they give life or take it. it all starts with our thoughts though and how we view the world around us…

  4. I believe we all need to live together in this world and treat one another like we would like to be treated. I believe some of us need a little “hug” every now and then. I love to be the one who does the “hugging.” My blog speaks for itself. Like yours does! Thanks!

  5. Very thoughtful post, dear Jingle.

    My thoughts are about us all being human beings with the same basic needs and wants for love and respect and understanding. That’s why I love blogging so much. Makes our big wide world so much smaller and more intimate so that we can get to know each other and see our similarities.


  6. If you are inundated with love you will see beauty in everything and if it’s hatred the whole world is ugly. Be mindful at all times. tQ

  7. I am delighted by the beauty and friendship around us. I am thrilled with your torch of words that ignite fire in our hearts. Genuine and free you cut our tethers and allow our minds to fly. I’m soaring. Thank you Jingle.

  8. WOWOWOW! THANK YOU JINGLE! What a super fantastic, beautiful reminder! Your timing is Perfect. Big Hugs and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  9. pure wisdom in every line.I cherish the idea of making friends regardless of our differences, and this is what I’ve found in our community.It’s true that our mindset influences our vision to the world and people and people differ in this respect.Some are tolerant and receptive of criticism , others are a bit closed and resistant to change.Thanks for this thought -provoking post Jingle ; hugs.

  10. Interesting post J. It took me a while to realize this when I first started posting my poetry. It is easy to get locked into dark emotions. I don’t think that they are bad but I started to see the world differently when I chose to post more positive thoughts than negative. I think we need to honor both but decide which to spend the most time with.

    1. Jamie:

      I agree with YOU, how cool you know both sides of story,
      thank you for the HONEST and INSIGHTFUL feedback!
      Glad to find YOU!

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