Math Monday-Magical Math Number Wizard

Hello, how are YOU?

Welcome to Math Monday!

Please consider the following two questions:

#1: Move one (1) matchstick  only and keep the equation valid?

#2: Move two (2) matchsticks to either make the  equality hold true or else?


There is one solution for #1, see above

Two possible solutions for #2, see above

Thank YOU for playing !


PS: This post is inspired by psychologist, magician, and author Prof  Richard Wiseman.  Thank YOU,  Prof. Wiseman,  for the wisdom and fun shared in mathematics.

22 thoughts on “Math Monday-Magical Math Number Wizard

  1. awe babe, lol wish I could do this, I will ponder over breakfast and come back later, but please do not hold ur breath maths isnt my forte but its fun trying right xx have a glorious jingle day xx

  2. After studying this problem over, I am thinking for #1 you can move the first matchstick on the left which would leave the number 8 a 2. Then take the matchstick and make the minus sign a plus sign. It would be 2+3=5. I am still thinking over Part 2. LOL I just can’t let it go.

  3. one solution is to make the current 8-3=5


    now, can you do it?
    please remove one stick from 8 to make it 9, add the same stick to 5 to make a 6…
    Good luck on rest of them!
    i am glad many of you have tried!

  4. Doy! Of course. I’m glad you told me. Last night I kept moving the lines around in my dreams, looking for the solution. Only I kept drifting to other dreams.

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