Wise Words Award

Inspired Syntax Awarded Jingle this Wise Words Award today,


What Exciting news! She followed Jingle and G-man http://g-man-mrknowitall.blogspot.com/ in writing a fiction in 55 words for two (2) weeks,

I am excited about her initiative and feel thrilled to see her progress…I admire poets or writers who take writing challenges and make the whole blogging and writing experiences more enjoyable and fun! Thus I accpet this award instantly and will pass this award to fellow friends who either wirte poetry or do Falsh Friday 55, Sunday 160, etc.

Thank YOU, Inspried Syntax, I am honored and humbled, xxx.

Here is the poets or writers who are nominated for Wise Words Award:


*Monkey Man





Rules of Acceptance:
Keep it or pass it to 1-?  poets or bloggers who do Flash Friday 55 or sunday 160.

11 thoughts on “Wise Words Award

  1. awe Jingle..THANK YOU, I love this, I am honoured, will post it NOW, on the same page as all my other graciuos awards, thanks a million kind heart xxx and to all the other recipients, well done xx

  2. I am so thankful for you and all of your hard work J. You have created this incredible weekly rally for all of us and you don’t stop there. You are so amazing. Thank you for this award and the gentle care you take with all of us.

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