The Perfect Poet Award For Week 10 Poets’ Rally

The Perfect Poet Award

@Jingle’s Thursday Poets’ Rally week 10

Congratulations! The following twelve (12 ) Thursday Poets’ Rally members have won the nomination for week 8 award.

Week 10 winners

#1: Jaymie (accepted, ;))

#2: Brian(accepted, ;))

#3: Shakira (accepted, ;))

#4: william (accepted, ;))

#5: PoetTraveler (accepted, ;))

#6: Megzone (accepted, ;))

#7: Ishabelle (accepted, ;))

#8: Trisha(accepted, ;))

#9: shoelessboywonder(accepted, ;))

#10: Pat (accepted, ;))

#11: gerardinebaugh(accpeted, ;))

#12: Jingle (accepted, ;))

Since Jingle has been nominated twice in the past two weeks, I would like to add three more poets to show appreciation for support received from fellow participants, here are three special perfect poet award winners:

Leslie (accepted, ;))

Beth (accepted, ;))

Raji (accepted, ;))

I hope that you all enjoy the award.

🙂  😉  😉

For Week 9 The Perfect Poet Award Information, see:

Rules to Accept the Award:

  • Put the logo on your blog in your next Theme Thursday post.
  • Post a poem (or a Haiku) under the logo.
  • Tag Jingle to link back to Thursday Poets’ Rally Award Post.
  • Nominate One Previous Participants and U R done!

Criterion of the Nomination:

  • You must be A Thursday Poets Rally Participant for a minimum 1 week to be able to be nominated.
  • This award is given once a week by Jingle at  Jingle‘s blog.
  • Each week, Jingle will award those twelve (12) Rally participants nominated by previous week winner’s nominations. (for example, each week 10 winner nominates one poet in their blog by or on next Thursday, then Jingle will completely follow the lead and make formal announcement on Jingle’s blog.)
  • If a winner rejects the award and gets nominated once again, Jingle has to withhold the nomination until the poet eventually accepts the previous award.
  • Only current week winner need to do the nomination, if you are a previous winner, you need NOT to worry about nominating a poet at all.
  • This award is initialized and created by Jingle at  Jingle.  All rights are reserved.
  • Winners of this award have the option to choose one of the logos available to post in their blog upon acceptance. If the winner does NOT follow the rule to post the winning logo and nominate a poet along with the post, Jingle will consider a rejection to the award. Jingle will be responsible for nominating additional award winning poets for the week . (If u reject the award, then u can NOT make claim of this honor in the future in your blog or at any other public occasions).

39 thoughts on “The Perfect Poet Award For Week 10 Poets’ Rally

  1. well hello there dear, lol shakira has taken over this page lol, well, I am also delighted to accept this award, I will nominate, Robin for the award as she is a superb rally member xxx thanks again Jingle luv ya xxx ps wil display with the other kind awards u gave me the other week xx

  2. Thanks for dropping by.
    What a nice award you’ve created,
    my favorite shade of Pink.
    I will try to enhance my poetic side of me
    to receive one.

    Till nest!

  3. aaawwwwww……thank you sooooooo much Ji..
    you are the sweeetestest..
    this is my 3rd one and glad am i??
    you bet.. 🙂
    my happiness knows no bounds everytime you bestow me with your awards..
    love you ji 🙂

  4. I am sure most of the perfect poet winners enjoy the moment!
    thank YOU for the active participation and support,
    life is much easier and better with you around!

    God Bless YOU!

  5. Here I am dear Jingle 🙂 ..
    I am proud and honored to accept this lovely award with deep thanks and great joy. 🙂

    and now I wish to nominate dear Noha

    for the next Perfect Poet award on the-perfect-poet-award-for-week-11-poets-rally/
    commencing Friday 26 March up to the Award day …Thursday 2 April

    … but if I get any of the rules wrong please don’t shoot me! They are a bit complicated (for me). I am a bear of very little brain, dear Jingle … in fact I am actually the Straw Man from The Wizard of Oz! 😀


    1. to all wordpress users or friends:

      for some reason, my comments in wordpress blogs have been gone spam folders of yours, both my email accounts are down, please understand that I am cool,
      thus I hope that you either tolerate me for the lack of commenting in your blogs this week, or check your spam folders to see if I am hiding there…

      I will visit your blogs and read your posts, but may not write anything …
      I am grateful for the love and tolerance pouring on me, I also feel sorry for the inconvenience.

      from Jingle
      with gratitude and love

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