Fine Tune Relations in A Family

Everyone belongs to a family,

Either sadly or happily,

Each family belongs to a branch in a tree,

With some members scattering oversea.


Family can be seen via generations,

Parents and kids form the most loving relations.

Family can also be defined by organizations

Under the category of faith, hobby,  or occupations.


In Poets’ Family,

We all write and read poetry,

In Blogging’ family,

We all write and read blogs.


A family may be large,

A family may be small.

Some family members may be short,

Some may be tall.


A family is a community,

Where all members strive to form a unity.

It is cool to be part of a family,

With everyone contributing, and being taken good care of under high quality.




And friendship

Are what family members worship!


Hello, How are YOU?

This is a post for Family Fridays hosted by Lori and Amy at

Peterson~St. Louis & Amy@Keeping up with the Schultz Family / Lucky

Fellow blogging friends William and Shakira also joined in the weekend fun,

fun family friday : ) And Facebook

Please share your family view by commenting below and feel free to visit the above links.

This week’s Family Fridays are supper cool, I love all the above posts and hope that you visit, comment, and enjoy!

Thank YOU for the beautiful feedbacks and

Happy Happy Friday!

😉  😉  🙂

42 thoughts on “Fine Tune Relations in A Family

  1. this was beautiful, u are amazing, and THANK YOU for always mentioning our posts as well, and for your lovely comments on my blog, you are such a sweet kind friend, I am posting my awards tomorrow, thanks for your patience, Viola has a clot in her heart, our friend helen emailled me, although quite serious the doctors are trying to dissolve it, according to our friend Helen she is in fine fettle and asks ALL her friends to pray for her xxxx

    love ya xxx

  2. Generations come and generations go,
    and a family continues to grow.
    Last year I lost my father
    Last year we gained a granddaughter.
    This week, I had a birthday.
    Next week, arrives a new baby.
    And so our family, loving and living
    Will transform through the years with great thanksgiving.

    1. what magical and thoughtful events in your family!
      sorry your father is gone,
      Happy Belated Birthday this week,
      Welcome new life, next week,
      thank you for sharing, Lynn,
      you rock!
      take good care,
      count your blessings,


  3. That was an amazing post to share and to think about your family.. I am so glad you joined in.. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I searched through this world of insanity
    To find some peace within this calamity
    I then stumbled on tranquility
    In a lovely form of my family!

    And so at nights when kids are in bed
    I write in my blog what’s in my head
    I’ll stop a while till all comments are read
    It always warms me to read what Jingle has said!!

    Happy Friday!!!

  5. The family the tapestry
    The journey glue into it
    The high and low
    The family tree

    The glory and back stabbing
    Of wealth and prestige
    Of rich or poor parents
    Living hard enjoying free

    The family tree
    Spreading far and wide
    Remote areas, smog filled cities
    In villages tending fields and gardens

    True every one has a share
    In things and words giving out freely
    Amongst families spreading out
    Into the world of 7 seas

    20/3/10 10.15am

  6. Hey Jingle! This is WONDERFUL! Have been surrounded by lots of family ‘stuff’ both personally and via proxy to some friends….and I am amazed at the bonds, the love, the resilience……it’s a wonderful thing. Bond beyond bonds. Guess it’s relative. But I feel blessed, both here in blogland and in life. And on the planet….on many levels. Thank You for making me think. Much Love and Namaste. 🙂

  7. WOW, you are so amazing,Ji. This is one of your best post yet but again, you are such an inspiration! Beautiful,loving,caring and always passionate. You have built yourself an admirable family here in the blogosphere that I am blessed to be part of.

    Take care of yourself for me?


  8. loved the wonderful poem, you described family perfectly. when a group of people love each other and stick with each other accepting every difference-thats true family.

  9. Though I am not a poet in any sense of the word, I do love to read yours. Families are so sacred and special. I love your thoughts in it. Beautiful!

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