55-How Do You Relax During Weekends?

How do you relax during weekends?
Do you know my plan for self-meditation?
Please Read, Think, and Reflect:
Relax, physically and mentally,
Keep the heart open and soft,
Accept life on its own terms,
Feel more alive, connected, and content,
Find inner peace,
Make contact with other realms of consciousness, what some call the Divine.


I used web tool to count my writing which is exactly 55 words… WORDCALCULATOR

Write a story, or a poem, or anything that is fiction  in 55 words. Give it a try and notify  G-man 😉

41 thoughts on “55-How Do You Relax During Weekends?

  1. I relax by having my daughter here with me, and by reading wonderful blogs, thanks Ji for the awards reminders you must have read my mind clever lady as I was going to ask you what they were, brilliant, promise to post them soon, been working on family friday, loved this xxx

  2. I keep saying I’m going meditate and exercise,and lately I’ve been putting all that off. Well, no more! I can’t wait to relax and meditate this weekend 🙂 thanks, Jingle. Happy Friday!

  3. My weekend can be slow or fast it just depends what is going on. This weekend it will be nice and slow. My week has been wild so it will be nice..

    Have a great weekend my friend…

  4. Where are you hiding, Jingle?
    Been missing you, my dear.
    You take care now. Love you!

    It is the Weekend, TGIF! Weekend Funnies #2, Friday to Sunday (19th to 21st March,2010) is on. Please kindly click FuNNiES#2 to join us? Keep the FUNNIES in your weekends! hugs, shakira FACEBOOK

  5. The word calculator is cool 🙂 I type mine in Word and it keeps a Word count at the bottom left hand corner…

    I love this!!! Such an inspiration!!! I am sorry it took so long, but I am following you now 🙂

  6. oh Jingle,
    i wish i could relax this weekend.
    but i can’t.

    it’s so cool of you to be close with nature.

    good day! 😉

  7. Accepting life on its own terms, learning to be content, that’s important. And relaxing on the weekends? Hmm, a mixture of playing with the kids, watching a DVD with the family, (hopefully not going shopping), seeing friends, church, and maybe even some computer games, LOL.

  8. Great advice. I will try being content and connected. Thank you for your kind and caring comment and for leading me to your 55. Since you have already read mine, I won’t link back.

  9. Hey, Told ya I had an award for you…sorry for the delay, but you know I can be slow sometimes. Anyway, this award is for the wise words that you put into this poem and so many others. There is only one rule…pass this on to at least one poet who said something poignant, wise, etc. I do hope that you accept this award especially made for you.


    Please go here to pick up your award Jingle! http://inspiredsyntax.wordpress.com/awards/wise-words-award/

  10. Hi Jingle, thank you for visiting my photo blog. I didn’t do a 55 this week just gone, but should have one up this Friday…if you follow the link in my name on this comment you end up on the right page.

    Your 55 is probably the hardest thing to achieve, time for self and relaxation. Hope you’re having a good week, so far. :))

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