34 thoughts on “Quote of The Day

  1. got an email from viola, she has had to go to Hospital, she said not to worry but she will be back in a few days, so everyone who knows Viola PLEASE READ THIS, will keep u updated. she said she loves u all ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I really like that quote… explain your GOAL for the rally right on!

    An extraordinary poet is a gem,
    A diamond is a gem,
    You are an extraordinary poet,
    You are a diamond!


  3. Seeing your name, just enough to make me smile. So Jingle, stay Jingle with your wonderful gift, to bring so many people together and beyond that, make them smile, all the time. It is beyond a talent, you are a bliss yourself. I am not much into rewards and fast track stops, however I thank you and am grateful for all your efforts to introduce my poetry and blog. Happy Thursday(it is still Wed here!).Serena

  4. I like it, good simple quote, anyway, i would just like to let you know I am down and ready for the rally on Thursday, And I am down for being a regular participant every week. You know I already plan on putting up a new poem every day so there will always be something fresh up, This week It will be my poem called Heart Collector something nicer and sweeter than my normal dark and disturbing works.

  5. Oh Jingle, I hope I did my post correctly. I have also visited more than twelve of the new blogs and more than twelve of the others and commented on all and will continue visiting through the day. Thank you so much for this opportunity to meet poet and enjoy their craft. Blessings to you today and always.

  6. thank YOU all for the “quote of the day” comments,
    one quote evoked so many responses, which really surprises me!
    you are all smart, sharp, and kind …
    you make me smile!
    Happy Happy Thursday!

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