Weekend Funnies Week 1 – A Handful Of Brainstorming Stimuli


Why did the computer have a back ache?


What did the policeman say to his belly?


What goes up but never comes down?


Why are hairdressers fast drivers?


Why are movie stars so cool?


Why did the doctor lose his temper?

Solutions ( have FUN!  😉 😉 ;))

#1:Because it slipped a disk.

#2:You Are Under My Vest!


#4:Because they know all the short cuts.

#5:They have too many fans.

#6:Because he did not have any patients.

Shakira started hosting Weekend Funnies this week,

She invited Jingle to join her, thus here I am.

For Rules or detailed information, please visit:


23 thoughts on “Weekend Funnies Week 1 – A Handful Of Brainstorming Stimuli


    You got to make us LAUGH and THINK…. LOL

    #2 Belly good?
    #3 Ideas?
    #5 because they are pretending to be others?

    I will be doing a few more…. lol it is the Weekend Funnies. lol


  2. lol mornin Ji, what a great start to the day HILARIOUS, a great start to Shakiras funny weekend,I will post something tomorrow, these were very funny, well done… I need to go out today, my daughter is staying with me today, I go pick her up, she spends a day with me once a week at my home, so I will be on later to say hi.. have a great day dear xxx

  3. very funny..but i cant get the others…???I hope you will tell the answers..!!This looks fun..I will play another time..I need to gather my funnies..EnjoY YoUr DaY..!

  4. Hello,
    I posted all the solutions so that some of you need NOT to struggle,
    please feel free to take a look,
    enjoy the fun!
    Happy Happy Saturday to you all!

  5. Weekend Funnies Week 1 – A Handful Of Brainstorming Stimuli | Jingle ~ I can see that you are an expert at your field! I am launching a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me. Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success in your business. family health plus

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