Spring Break Is Here

This week

Lori@ The Peterson Family hosts Family Fridays

With Amy:Round Robin Luck….

Family Fridays/Grandma’s 90th ….,

William: http://williamm49.blogspot.com/2010/03/daily-poem-visit-to-zoo_12.html

I will NOT miss Family Fridays. Here, I have written a poem about Spring Break, hope that you enjoy it:


Spring break is here,

What are you going to do, my dear?

Are you going to visit the zoo?

Or spending time in a heated pool?


Spring break it next week,

Teachers and students are taking a break,

What adventures are you going to seek?

Do you go fishing and boating in the lake?


I don’t know why,

I prefer NOT to fly.

I enjoy driving to places,

I love seeing spring blossoms’ pretty faces.


With a whole week to spend

To get refreshed in the end,

I would love to relax some more

And enjoy doing things I have never done before.


Spring break is here,

What are you going to do, my dear?

Please plan ahead,

Have some family fun instead!


Happy 90th Birthday to Amy‘s Grandma!

She looks cool and well, Please visit Amy to say Hello and

Wishing YOU all a Very Merry Weekend!

😉  🙂  😉

20 thoughts on “Spring Break Is Here

  1. OH you always know how to make me smile and bring those tears on. Thanks for taking the time to come on by.. I am so glad you did. Thanks..


    I am happy Spring is almost here.

  2. awe Ji, u never miss anything, and I knew u would have a great poem up, this was beautiful, a very nice entry, u really put out all the stops here, thanks for all your beautiful comments xx

  3. i hope you enjoy yours…my boys get theirs in 2 weeks. will be taking a few days off next week as i will be traveling to speak at a confrence next weekend.

    ps. you are never a bother…it has been taking a bit for me to get around the last couple days…work is crunching me. never fear, i will be by though and i always look forward to your visits. smiles.

  4. I went over and I saw that you got your post to work at Lori’s place. Thanks for linking up to both of us. Next week is back to Family Fridays..



  5. I miss having young children on spring break. The planning, activities, and relaxation was always such a heart warming time. The older my boys get the harder it seems to be to line up our schedules. So happy for the memories. 🙂

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