I Am The Desert

I am the desert

When I feel the burning hot sun,

when I hear the coyotes howling,

When I touch the hot smooth sand,

When I see painted sand,

I am the desert.

Hello, How Are YOU?

This poem “I Am The Desert” is written

by a fourth grader named TOM, I attached

his original piece and hope that you give

the young poet some encouragement, 😉

Thank YOU for the visit!

Happy Thursday !  😉 😉 🙂

To read Tom’s other poem. check it here:


For Thursday Poets’ Rally week 9 information, check it out below:


16 thoughts on “I Am The Desert

  1. Dearest Jingle,

    FLASH 55 is

    (Friday Flash 55 is where you pen a story that has a Plot,
    and a Central Character, and it is EXACTLY 55 words.)
    If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55.
    Please come tell The G-Man!
    I will visit, read, enjoy, comment…Then BOOK!!

    You can go to my 55 and see what the others do …. really FUN!
    You will do SO WELL, I cannot wait.
    Here are my 55 links





    55 WORDS – no more and no less.
    a joke, story, poem , up to you.

    G Man , really COUNTS . LOL

    use this to help… WORDCALCULATOR

    any thing else you need , let me know. you are very observant in knowing that I am at blogspot. You saw me changing my template?

    You Rock, Jingle!


  2. hey Jingle!!

    Wow, what a wonderful poem. Children are The Best!! I remember loving poetry from a very young age too, as you probably did, Jingle?

    Since I am going into Deep Serious Songwriting Mode next week, I will be publishing give-aways only on my blog from March 15 to the 19th, no poems or awards will I be posting — but look for them the following week or 2 after Spring Break.


  3. its great to have young talent, the future writers of this world, well done Tom, u did great and thanks Ji for posting, and for your beautiful comments xx

  4. Thank YOU all for the encouragement and uplifting spirits brought to TOM for his poem,

    I also include a link of his other poem named A Poem for Mom
    in this post!

    Have A Remarkable Weekend!

  5. Contrary to some statements, proper researched blogs continue to bring in readers like me. My first time here. I came across so many interesting stuff in the blog especially its discussion. Such a lot of replies show I am not alone with this opinion

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