Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 9 (March 11-17, 2010)

Hello, Everyone, How are You?

Welcome to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 9.

Mission Statement:

Participants are poets who are dedicated to spend the whole day promoting and celebrating poetry. By volunteering to reach out, make positive comments or encouragements to blogs that are new, these poets demonstrate leadership capacity and become backbone of future poetry advocacy leaders and seasoned poetry readers and writers.

Meanwhile, we welcome poets who are represented as fresh poets to join our leadership group under their own wish or motivation.  We expect our group to grow and expand  so that more poets are inspired, more poems are composed and shared, and  more joy or fulfillment in poetry is discovered.


#1: If you are a poet who is new and want to join our Thursday Poets’ Rally, comment here and let me know, I will add your on.

#2: Post a poem in your OWN blog on Thursdays.

#3: Go ahead and visit the blogs on the list, please make sure to make a minimum 12 positive comments on 12 different blogs where you have never commented before. This can be done on Thursday, or by next Thursday.

#4: Very important, please make sure to comment back when you are given comments.

#5: After you post a poem, commented a minimum 12 blogs, let me know and you will remain on the list the following week as active poets.

PS:Your link will NOT appear as participants UNLESS you commented below, I need your word of approval so that we have mutual understanding and respect upon this event. Thank You in Advance and Have FUN on the Rally!

Week 9 Participants

THE BEATY (a poem. ;))

suzicate (her Rally week 9 post, ;))

Trisha post for Rally ;))

The book of noha (her post for Rally, ;))

Adam:…(his Rally post, ;))

Yousei Hime

(her post for Rally, ;))

Have a great Day-Gerardine (her Rally post, ;))


(his Rally post, cool and fun, ;))

A leaf in the breeze 😉


brian miller (his entry for Rally week 9, ;))

BFG (new post, ;))

Tristan Avelino (her post for Rally week 9, week 8 award, ;))

samanthayeh for Thursday, most updated, ;))



anthonynorth (his post for Rally week 9, ;))


datsme post for Rally week 9 ;))

shoelessboywonder (new post. ;))



SAVE GREAT LAKES NOW! (her post for Thursday Rally ;))

Rajlakshmi (her award acceptance, and post, ;))

megzone (her post for Rally week 9,. ;))

Michele Spector



fiveloaf (his Thursday Rally post ;))


Week 9 Fresh Poets to Know or Explore:

The wisdom of gavroche

A Poem A Day, poems written by elementary school kids after they attend creative writing camp:

Four Winds Haiga


justjannen’s weblog

The Haiku Dairy

Leadtopaper’s blog

The white rose


The Fool’s Back Pocket


Reach for my pen

Haul C Clark’s Blog

Don’t throw rocks

Wayne’s World

The Restless poet

Ortus Memoria

Language in time

Gone Bananas:






Poems about life, love and quotes

This is ME

Viola’s poetry


51 thoughts on “Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 9 (March 11-17, 2010)

  1. Hey! Love Your new room, oh evolving One!!! And….seriously…this whole poet thing ROCKS! I will joyfully join when my life slows down. Thank You for All You Do and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  2. Hey Jingle, this sounds like lots of fun and count me in… I hope I’ll get the strength to use the computer so I can post mine today or tomorrow. I’m having a bad day today but I’m in

  3. Hey jingle, I’d like to play again. I’ve posted some new stuff recently – Is that ok? I’m still figuring out how the poetry rally works but I think I’m getting the hang of it. I really enjoy reading other people’s poems…so will look forward to reading the work new poets have posted as well as the friends I’ve been reading. Thanks, hugs n smooches 🙂

    1. Week 8 Perfect Poet Award

      week 8 award:

      week 7 perfect poet award

      week 6 perfect award:

      fiveloaf, please read the rule of acceptance for perfect poet award…
      it is stated in the last line; nominate one poet …
      thank you.
      if you prefer not to nominate, it is okay, I will do it for you when I give the award for week 9.

  4. Suzicate brought me to your site. I’m just beginning to explore what if any talent I have in regards to poetry. I love reading it, and most of what I’ve written is introspective.

  5. babe, im in, better late than never, gonna read some NEW blogs, right after my regulars, never ever think William isnt in it to win it LOL xx

  6. i think we have a lot of great talents this week… the poems that i have read took me on a roller coaster ride, from pendulums to sick cats, to desire and dreams…. wow! 🙂

  7. Jingle, this is amazing. I have had so many poets visit my site because of your rally. I thank you so much for the listing 🙂 I thank each of your rallyists for visiting my site and thank you for your kind and lovely comments xoxoxox Jingle you have mastered the power of synergy. I admire your energy and positive vibe so much xoxoxox

  8. Ok Jingle, Pleas help me out here. My poem is posted. I have visited and commented on more than 12 sites, and plan to continue to the rest today. I noticed some had a vote/ star on them and some wrote in who they voted for. Is this a contest? So we pick our favorite and post or just tell you who we pick?

  9. Hello, Thursday Poets’ Rally Members:

    Thank you for the excitement and contributions.
    I highlighted some links because they let me know that they have posted the poems for Rally, and these are recent or most updated post…

    For those of you who are the first time Rally members, I strongly recommend you to visit at least 6 participants in the list,

    and for all participants,
    please make sure you visit back and return the compliments so that the comments givers’ efforts are encouraged and

    thank you all the patience and outreach!
    I am kind of dry today,
    you may need to check your email because I commented some of you via my Google email account,
    see you later.

    thanks a lot!

  10. Ola Jingle I have posted my poem this week and its a tribute to the rally be sure to check it out i think you might like it 😛

  11. Week 9 Thursday Poets’ Rally members:

    There is an award for each of you,
    please take one and enjoy…
    if you prefer not to take it, it is okay..simply remain silent and leave it!

    Thank you all for the active participation and
    Happy Happy Thursday!

    you Are Cool!
    I truly appreciate all of YOU!


  12. I’ve had a lot of fun visiting and commenting, my goal is to visit everyone on the list but I’m waiting for others to post…. Gotta say I love this

  13. Thank you for including me on your list of poets to explore. What a great honor and what a pleasure to have so many new visitors to my site. It is probably the best compliment a writer can get! I am hopeful to participate in the poet’s rally one of these weeks.

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