I Want My Old Friends Back (Awards)

Thank You Award 🙂

From Megzone


Wings of Love Award

From Shakira


Thank you for the cute and thoughtful award, Megzone and Shakira. I am thrilled to accept them xxx

Megzone and Shakira are major participants of Thursday Poets’ Rally, both of them have won The Perfect Poet Award recently and it is a great joy to have them be your friends. They are excellent additions to our blogging universe.

Please visit Megzone and Shakira today in your convenience and I am sure that you will enjoy their friendship as well as their talents!

Jingle wants to dedicate BOTH awards to friends who followed her when she just started blogging. Jingle began to blog on November 28, 2009. In the beginning, there are NO awards, not many readers, but the following blogging friends had followed,  commented or encouraged her closely for quite a few weeks. I appreciate these pure, warm, and kind friendships. I thank THEM for their selfless support.

Rules: pass each award to 1-? friends you love or enjoy being friend with.





Amy (pink)

Amy (green)









Pink Links


Captain Dumbass



@mb3r d011y =P




Beautiful Mess





secret agent woman








Muthering Heights





Doubtful Beth’s Inspiration Award


Beth is the doubtful poet who is outstanding in writing, she has soft heart and flexible mind. visit her and enjoy her treats of short stories, poetry, and awards…

Thank You, Beth,  for such sweet and exhilarating award. I am thrilled and humbled, xxx

Rule of Acceptance: pass it to one (1) single Blogger that inspires you.

I choose Brian Miller’Way Station One, Brian has been doing a lot of theme writings, besides Thursday Poets’ Rally, he also does Sunday-160 with   Monkey Man,  Friday Flash 55 , or Friday Flash 55 For The G-Man!

and Magpie Tales for at Magpie Tales.

Wow, an Amazing man with astonishing writing talents!

Jingle’s Happy Moments Cross Cultures Poetry Award

From fiveloaf: http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/03/07/happy-moments-cross-cultures-poetry-award/

Basic Meanings of the Tag: Regardless how far you and I are, the time spent with you are the happiest moments in my memories. The sentiments of our friendship last for good.

fiveloaf is a very talented poet, he writes well and has high blogging integrity and contributes so much in our Thursday Poets’ Rally. Please visit fiveloaf today and enjoy his poetry, 😉

Thank you so very much for the favor. I appreciate it and feel excited to pass it on, xxx

Rules: Pass to ten (3-10) poetry friends who welcome multi-cultural poetry exchanges or communications.

#1: Megzone

#2: Leslie

#3: Samanthayeh

#4: Souldose


#6: Hadassah

#7: imaGINAtions voice

#8: Desiree

#9: the wisdom of gavroche

#10:  caribbeanfool

You Are The Beautiful Sunshine Award

From Pat:


From Shakira


both Pat and shakira are beautiful and inspiring bloggers, they write well and are kind and loving to other fellow friends.  please visit Pat and Shakira today and make your blogging experience more enjoyable and enlightening!

Thank you Pat and Shakira, you are remarkable bloggers and your kindness are greatly appreciated. xxx

Rules: keep it, or pass it to (1-?) friends.

#1: JamericanSpice

#2: lily

#3: Fiveloaf

#4: Souldose

#5: jruthkelly

#6: Hadassah

#7: Tasneem R

#8: Desiree

#9: Julia @ Easy Eco To Go

#10:  caribbeanfool

Happy Wednesday, Happy Thursday, and Happy Blogging to YOU all!

😉 😉 😉

43 thoughts on “I Want My Old Friends Back (Awards)

  1. Jingle….I can not ever get over all of your energy and kindness to all of us bloggers! 🙂 You bring smiles to us all and help make our day a happier one! Thanks!

  2. thank you for the wonderful words jingle and the award…my poets rally post is up…a little lighter today. i will accept my week 8 award and put up a nominee on my post tomorrow, so don’t worry. got interviewed by another blogger today so had to put that at the end of this one. sorry for the huge comment, but know you are appreciated. will jump around the rally in a bit…

  3. well Ji sorry I am late dear and once again I am graced to receive your friendship awards and many congrats to YOU and all the other winners, its been a pleasure from day one, chancing on your blog was one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I am so thankful to whomever directed me here, and come to think of it, it was the lovely Gerardine, you are both long established friends I will cherish FOREVER xxx

  4. Jingle – you are the greatest of great. I love how you keep us all together. Partly from your inspiration, I decided to have 2 websites instead of one. Now, my http://ImaginingBetter.com carries on what I started with my blog – looking at the ways my particular interests & gifts might make our brains, imaginations, lives & the world better.

    The second one, http://caitlynjames.com, is called “Caitlyn’s Write: but you knew that already!” It’s my creative writing website. I haven’t taken the time to fully develop it – a few things posted – but I would like to include some of the enthusiastic support ideas that you do so beautifully. Not repeat them, but find my own way to encourage others.

    Thank you for your leadership & encouragement,

  5. Congrats on your award collection Jingle, and count me in on Thursdays week rally 10 😛 I shall cook up something special 😀

  6. yay! i can’t believe you are fairly a new blogger! but i’m not surprised why you have so many friends here. 😉

    good day jingle! 😉

  7. Awww thank you SO much! I really appreciate it! Also thank you for all of your support while I’ve been going through all my crap.

    Congratulations on your awards, you TOTALLY deserve them!

  8. hey jingle! I definitely remember the first time I stumbled across your site. It was so friendly and so refreshing. It wasn’t that long ago and you have always been a voice of encouragement. Thank you Jingle!

  9. OMG, This is such a humbling moment for me and one that brings a tear to my eye, thank you so much over and over thank you… I don’t really think of myself as a poet and as I’m writing my true story novel getting an award from a talented individual like you makes me think maybe I can do this and it can be a success… Thank you, I’m humbledd and so happy.

    I posted my poem for the rally but only added my nomination now because I didn’t know we have to nominate a favorite poet, I hope my late nomination is ok.

    I’ll post all my awards next time I’m well enough for long laptop use and my problem is I’ve visited so many participants and they haven’t posted, please understand if I don’t get a chance to visit again before the closing date but I’ll try.

    Again thank you so much, you’ve made this gal very happy.

  10. Thank you, Jingle! What a lovely thing for you to do for all of us! Blessings to you, my friend. And congratulations on your “Sunshine” award – it’s well deserved!

  11. Hey jingle, congrats on the awards you’ve won you really deserve them. I am late in replying, but would be happy to accept the awards I’ve recieved and catch up. Sometimes life keeps me so busy, but I enjoy the Thursday rally when I get a chance to and appreciate reading all yours and other poets wonderful posts. Thank you for all your hard work xox

  12. I enjoy the visits from so many of you, referring to friends old and new,
    incredible feedback,
    unforgettable moments!

    Happy Sunday to you all!

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