Sunday 160-I Want To Be Water If You Are fish

I want to be ink

If you are a pen,

I want to be water

If you are fish,

I want to be a nest

If you are a bird,

I want to be the ideas

If you are the poet!

What can you say in 160 character? (spaces included) Check it out onย  Monkey Man. ๐Ÿ˜‰

46 thoughts on “Sunday 160-I Want To Be Water If You Are fish

  1. The yen and yang (excuse the msp). You wrapped that very nicely. I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for the invite.

  2. Owww lovely! You are the inspiration behind one or two of mine!! You give the ideas and sow the seed ๐Ÿ™‚ keep it up and I hope you’re feeling tonnes better!!

  3. just beautiful jingle…the thing i like is that you are what enables in each of the scenarios and yes i think that is what love is…

    ps. how many different layouts did you have today…i count at least 3…lol.

  4. Brian told me you jumped in with a 160. Thanks for playing. We are few who take on the challenge and successfully complete it. 160 characters with spaces is hardly more than a text message. Next time pop over to let me know you played.

  5. a lovely poem, a wonderful new theme well done.
    I’ve received a lovely award and I ll share it with you only , check it out in my blog.
    I shar this award with you and shakirta , wo please will you let her know of this award cos I still have problems to access her blog.strange but true.

  6. I love your layout, I almost opt for it too.
    Not easy to find one that I really like…

    That is SO LOVELY, Jingle but darling,
    it is 236 characters.

    Love you too.


  7. I want to be smile on your lips,
    I want to be twinkle of your eyes…

    am gonna write something outta it soon… this poem will definitely be its inspiratin…
    lovely poem.

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