It Rained Awards (Special Award From William)

You Are The Beautiful Sunshine Award

On Friday, my friends William and Viola designed a special award for Jingle. Both of them are very cool bloggers and  always leave the most beautiful comments for people around the world.

I feel humbled and honored to receive this cute and happy friendship award, thank U, William and Viola, xxx.

I wrote this for them:

William is:

Willingness to share

Infinite wisdom to shine

Love to love everyone

Lyric poet

Inspiring to all

Awesome blogger

Magical writing skills

Viola gives me the same award via email.

Viola is:

Vivid memories


Open minded



wow,  I would love to pass this award to the following list:

No rules, pass it to (1-?) of your precious friends:


Amy (green)




Amy (pink)



brian miller


secret agent woman

She Writes


Emmanuel Ibok

Corve DaCosta

Poetry award from A Leaf In The Breeze

thank U, A leaf in the breeze, your name is amazing beautiful!  xxx

No rule, pass it to (1-?) poetry friends:

William’s Poetry Blog



brian miller

Yousei Hime






S Basu




Brian Brian T Maurer’s Webblog


The Spot Light Award from Shakira

Shakira is:

Smart and sweet







Thank U, Shakira, I feel very honored and tickled. xxx

I pass this to the following three friends:

#1: A Leaf in the Breeze

#2: Lauren

#3: Amy keeping up with the …

The Promising Poet Award

From Shakira, thank U, I fell honored and humbled, xxx

From Adam, thank U so much. I enjoy your poetry and posts all the time, xxx

I shall keep it since it is the rule for Homecoming Week 8.

The Jingle Jangle Award

Thank U, Megzone, I value your thoughtful thoughts on me. xxx

Again, this is for me to keep. 😉

42 thoughts on “It Rained Awards (Special Award From William)

  1. Dearest Jingle,

    and you are one person who truly
    INSPIRED me.

    Thank you so much for your kinship.

    Bless you and your family.


  2. You are TOO wonderful, Jingle. TOO WONDERFUL!!

    Just amazing.
    In love with magic.
    Newly annointed.
    Giggling like a fairy.
    Living in love.
    Elevated to sainthood.

    Just wait until next week when I let my Big Awads Special rip!!!


  3. did a great job with this..I an very honored and thankful for are truly an inspiration and I am glad I’ve found your blog..I cant wait to get caught up with all of your writings and creative endeavors..wonderful literary artwork…Love it all..!! Thank You again..and have a great weekend..I’m adding this and you to my list right now..!

  4. Everything you said about Billy it nothing but the truth. Thanks jingle the beautiful poem you wrote about me and Billy. We love you.

  5. Jingle….lovely post! You are so thoughtful! I am sooo happy you are being recognized for your talents! 🙂 Thank you for passing an award on to me! I will be proud to place it in my “special gifts” page!


    1. What talent?
      I am lucky, because of you, he, she, they, everyone who come and comment here….
      it is a group thing,
      thank You for the big splash …
      I am wet but merry!

  6. Oh my gosh..

    I still have the one award you gave me that I still need to pass out. Now I have two more. Wow thanks.. It made me smile.. It has been a long weekend with the little one. We have missed the Husband/Daddy a lot. Can’t wait until tomorrow when we see him before he heads to work..

    Sorry I have not been around..

  7. good evning my lovely friend, sorry I am late I was visiting my daughter today and had dinner there, bless u for thinking about me by coming over, lol I couldnt access my blogs from my daughters laptop hence the late posting, u are very kind Jingle and know u are loved, viola and I are delighted for u, u deserve everything xxx

    1. U R never late, William!
      This has no limit or time tables, blogging world is 100% flexible and free …
      please make yourself comfortable and come, go as you wish!

    1. Yousei

      Nice to see you.
      I like people such as you, do things in timely manner, you have the version to see thing beyond and
      I enjoy your company.

      cheers, 😉

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