Be Fair to Yourself

You judge yourself harshly,

You feel you are not enough,

You are furstrated about things that are tough,

You are puzzled.

You begin to condemn yourself,

You are without compassion.

Does it serve you good?

Stop such doings,

Be fair to yourself.

Because if you choose cruelty,

Your cruelty will never save you.

Credit yourself with your efforts,

Your kindness and dilligence shall be enough.

Leave your fatigue to the divine,

Let the God soften your harshment.

Stand in higher ground,

See yourself with compassion.


Let thing cool off,

You will have fun!

30 thoughts on “Be Fair to Yourself

  1. Hi Jingle that is good and wise advice!!! We must learn to love ourselves more and relax and have fun!! We sure have lot’s of fun here with you.I came in and read some things earlier,but I did not feel like commenting.My brother-in-law was rushed to the hospital after a terrible fall,and my niece is in the hospital sick.But I got dressed and went to a friends to watch movies no need sitting around thinking about it for then I would have been depressed enough about me I want to “Congratulate” you on your 2 new “Beautiful Awards”!!!!! And thank you for choosing me to receive another “Beautiful Award”!!!! Thank you so much for being so kind.
    Luv ya Ji ๐Ÿ˜€ :DI

    1. Thank you for being open minded and nice, I write randomly, thus it is not very nice poem, but a note of love and about how to be lighter, happier, and feel better!

  2. This poem is an awesome poem to help those who don’t feel good about themselves. I agree with every line jingle. Humans do tend to be harder on themsleves than they are on others. I learned years ago that I was my worst enemy, and to change the things about me that I didn’t like, and those that I couldn’t change to let God do it. You know what once I learned to do this I realixed I was an Ok gal after all.

  3. I agree Jingle. It’s sometimes hard to see ones worth in the great scheme of things though. I’m a natural doubter but on the other hand an enthusiastic optimistic! Loved it, made me really think!

  4. What a beautiful post, really special. I loved every word. Thank you for sharing this. You have a wonderful site that I have enjoyed reading.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Love and Blessings,

  5. this was so true and beautiful,
    sorry I had not been around, having major computer issues and depression had me in a head lock, lol

    1. Lily:

      hope that you get out of the depression!
      smile, be happy, and do what you like to do, love…

      you are loving me so much, God bless!

  6. Long time lurker, thought I would say hello! I really don’t post much but thanks for the good times I have here. Love this place..

    When I was hurt in that vehicle accident my life would be changed always. Unfortunately that driver had no car insurance and I was going to be hurting for ever.

    This was not time for me to start and guess what to do. I had to find a good attorney to help me get what I needed. After all, my family was counting on me.

    How bad was it? I has bedridden for 3 months, I had to have constant care and my medical bills went through the roof!

    Luckily, I found a good referral site to help me.

    I will post more later this afternoon to tell you more about what I have been going through.

    And yes, thanks for the good work keep it up!

  7. Good advice Jingle. We should be kinder to ourselves, and give ourselve more praises. Thank you for reminding me of that.

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