I Have No Clue I will Get This flu

I have NO clue

I will get this flu,

The day seems warm

I thought wearing T-shirt would do No harm.


That’s is how

I feel a little bit sick right now.

The running nose

Reminds me of a watering hose,

The red eyes

Make it difficult to be sharp and wise.

I think I actually have the cold and allergy,

So I took a pill to restore my energy.

I feel all better after a few hours,

I expect to be well and happy tomorrow like flowers.

I will eat more fruits and vegetables,

I will do more nature walks,

Less empty talks.

It is sad to get a flu,

It is uncomfortable to feel sick.

It impacts many people when I feel blue,

I plan to live healthier life next week!


Hello, How are You?

This poem is written for fun. I have a little allergy but is under firm control.

I feel normal except my nose smells nothing.  Anyway, this post is for all those

who have been there and best wishes to You on health, life, and dreams.

Happy Saturday!  🙂  😉  😉

18 thoughts on “I Have No Clue I will Get This flu

  1. awe thank goodness for that dear, was thinking u were sick, glad its fun,, I suffer frim sinus problems so natural smell hasnt been with me lol, lovely post from a lovely lady xxx

    1. Wliiam:

      I know your sickness, in general, in America, if you stick to the antibiotics for straight 10 days, you shall recover.

      I wish you well!
      you deserve to be happy and healthy.
      Happy Sunday!

    1. shakira:

      Thank you for being so thoughtful and kind to be.
      I treasure everything you do for me and for our group of friends…

      Happy Sunday Morning to You!
      hugs back, 😉

  2. Jingle,dear,
    your ‘flu will clear
    and you will
    be yourself again
    without a flush
    or fluuuey blush.

    Jingle, dear,
    please read and know
    that I think of you
    and hope the sniffles
    quickly go!

    But wait! I read
    a little more,
    and see it is an allergy
    all the smells
    are hidden cuz
    that darn thing
    cuts out their sweetest buzz…

    ..soooo, get well soon
    my Jingle dear,
    I hope your sniffs
    become all clear.

    Eating fruit and veggies bring
    a shine to all your spar-kel-ing.
    May all your walks be happy ones
    for you bring me and us tons and tons
    of joy in all your loving posting,
    and you remain supreme at hosting
    joyful words and UNITY
    among us poets in this happy fraternity.

    Don’t be down or feeling blue
    cuz Poet Traveler and all of us
    are sending HUGGZZ and LOVE for you! 🙂

    John 😉

    1. John:

      you are such a gentleman who always come to my rescue, wow, how can I repay your kindness? What did I do to deserve this?
      Thank goodness, with the warm words from you and others, I feel so joyful at this moment. It is all refreshed and happy Saturday to you!

      You Are The Best!

  3. Oh jingle, I do know what your are going through with your allergy, but I am so happy you don’t have the flu. Boy this stuff is sooooooooooo bad. After a few days you will think that you are better and then bang here it goes again. You take care dear and rest, get lots of vitamin c so you won’t get sick with the flu. IT IS GOING AROUND AND HITING PEOPLE FAST!

    1. Viola:

      I always healthy like a horse, it won’t come back, I will be very cheerful tomorrow.
      thank U for the kind remarks,
      you take good care.

      best regards, 😉

  4. Ow I hope you get better soon! Having had the bug and the flu twice in the last fortnight I SYMPATHISE wholeheartedly! Snuggle in your bed, hot water bottle and lots and lots of love!!

    1. Beth:

      It is very sweet of you to come here and say nice things to me.
      I could be more open minded or nicer, thank you for the tolerance and open mind!
      I appreciate your gentle manner!

  5. Sorry about your allergies. I hope you feel better soon.

    Me. I’m just a bit sad. Iknow why but sadly it wont change and well, I might get angry or just cry or pray….we’ll see

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