Simple Math

If x+2=5, then what is (3 times x)+91?

Solve for x from the first equation, then plug in the value of x into the second part, compute 3 times x+91=___?

x+2=5————equation 1, from here, what is x=3

3 times x+91=____ ——equation 2    3×3+91=100

I call this simply math, Good luck!

34 thoughts on “Simple Math

  1. good morning!
    To me, loving math is accepting where I come from… loving my family… x=3, (3+3)+91=100 and that means, perfect score!

    great post, 🙂

  2. I believe my answer is correct sccording to the Gyranthenus System Theory that correlates mathematics and their forumlas to their most acute defining equational outcomes.

  3. 3+2=5
    Everyone is right 100

    Sorry Jingle that I am late posting my answer, but I have been real sick with that nasty virus going around, and when I got this math problem I was too sick to give my answer, although I knew it right away. Anyway, what is the old saying better late than never. LOL However, I see everyone did an awesome job with this problem.

  4. OKay here we go with more Math.

    I see everyone got 100. Yes, I am cheating and going with everyone else. Why? I am not a real fan of Math… I do get it but ouch on my mind..

    Have a great weekend.

  5. lol this one I know hehehhe 100, lol thanks for keeping it simple dear and also thanks for linking my poem to family friday, your an angel xxx

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