Forever Friends Award and Poetry Award

Forever Friends Award

Pat gives me this award, it is so special and I wish I could keep it on my own, but it is more fun to share it with my dearest friends, thus I decide to pass it on.

Thank U for treating me so sweetly and kindly, Pat. xxx

I  treasure your FRIENDSHIP and open heart.  Please visit Pat the Flower at pttyann today!

Rules: Pass it to any number (1-?) of blogger friends U would like to keep in touch for good.

#1: You Are Never Alone

#2: Jaymie

#3 : Jannie

#4: Noha

#5: blissbai

#6: Sandra

#7: Amy Keep up with…

#8: Doraz

#9: Amy Happily Ever After

#10: WaterCircling

#11: megzone

#12: CottageGirl

#12+1: Rajlakshmi

#13: FiveLoaf

#14: WordWand

#15:  Brian Miller

#16: William’s Poetry Blog

#17: Jamericanspice

#18: 2a24

#19: The Doubtful Poet

#20: Chocolate High

#21: KSeverny

#22: SnaggleTooth

#23: Bananaz

#24: Jeanne

#25: Jean Has Been Shopping

Jannie’s Lucky Lupine Poetry Award

Jannie at Jannie Funster gives me this award for our Thursday Poets’ Rally Homecoming week 8, it is so cute and pretty.

I feel very blessed and encouraged when she joins my team. I feel honored and humbled. thank U, Jannie, for your love and kindness, plus endless wisdom, xoxoxo.

Please feel free to visit Jannie at Jannie Funster today, she is a professional song writer and a budding poet in our poets family.

No rules, I would love to pass this delicious and priceless award to fresh poetry friends in the following list, enjoy!

#1: suzicate

#2: Terri

#3: trisha

#4: art

#5: tonydowning

#6: A Leaf in the Breeze

#7: sparrowsong

#8: pttyann

#9:: Viola

#10: David Rheins

#11: Tamarind~

#12: echostains

#12+1: Ruhig

#14: PoetTraveler

#15: thisrainykitten


#17: Brian Truth Is Freedom

#18:  Leslie The Moondustwriter’s Blog

#19: Poetikat

#20: joyislife at

WOW, thank U again! Happy Thursday! 😉 😉 😉

34 thoughts on “Forever Friends Award and Poetry Award

  1. Thank you Jingle! I don’t feel right excepting this award that I got especially for you. Thanks for the offer but that one is for you!!!! 😀

  2. Thank you Jingle. I am so thrilled, excited, and honored to recieve “The Jannie Funster Lucky Lupine Poetry Award.” This is so very loving and kind of you to include me in with the other poets.

  3. awe thanks Ji once again you kindness and love is worldwide, sorry I am late today, got a wee bit bad news which put me back a bit, a job I had counted on let me down so I didnt get it, awe well life moves on, but this cheered me up xx

  4. CONGRATS to you Jingle! You are amazing! You have a talent for making us all feel special! Thanks! I am honored you are sharing this special gift with me. I will be happy to place it in me special gifts page for all to see! 🙂 Have a happy day! 🙂

  5. hi Jingle!
    Thanks for the kindness!

    i like the lupine, although i’ve never seen one before (only in pictures)

    Good day to you! 😉

  6. Really that is three from you…

    Thanks.. I will post this award up next week..

    I do have the ones you gave me coming up for sure.. Okay..

    This is so nice.. Thanks.. I am happy we have become friends..


    Have a great weekend..

  7. Thanks, Jingle!

    I feel badly that since I signed up with your site I’ve been unable to really visit many people as I’m currently working on putting a collection of my poems together to publish. Don’t feel bad though; I’ve stopped following all the blogs I had in my blogger widget and am only participating in a few prompts.
    It’s not you, or your group here; I’m just really busy at the moment.

    I do appreciate the award and will display it proudly with a link to you.


  8. Congratulations to Jingle on getting the awards and congratulations to everyone she blessed with passing hem to.. Great place you’ve got here.

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