I feel Good When…

I feel good

When my intention is fully understood,

I feel good

When I see U in cheery mood,

I feel good

When I eat more healthy food,

I feel good

When I play the wolf in The Little Red Riding Hood.

I feel good

When_______________________. (your turn)

๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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59 thoughts on “I feel Good When…

  1. When I think of others before myself,

    I feel good

    When I am kind to the homeless,

    I feel good

    When I say a kind word to others,

    I feel good

    When I show love and respect toward my neighbors,

    I feel good

    When I pray for those who hurt me,

    I feel good

    When I stand by my friends,

    I feel good

    When I spend time with God,

    I feel good

    When I am being โ€œMEโ€,

    I feel good

  2. Jingle — silly silly me!! I forgot to put YOUR link in my Blog Party poem Lucky Lupine award. So sorry!

    Can you ever forgive me??

    The link is in now, tho, and since I only published the post a little while ago, I am sure it is all well and good!!


    1. I never hate or dislike u,
      no such thing as forgiveness comes…

      love u instantly when u post that cutest poem!
      I am impressed,
      the trust and passion between u and me is turned on instantly..
      i am thrilled that u joined our team…

      in NO time,
      u will be rocking and rolling like a movie star!
      Keep smiling!
      Dearest Jannie!

  3. i feel good
    when people aint rude
    i feel good
    when music cheers up my mood
    i feel good
    when crowds aint shrewd
    i feel good
    when i have nothin to brood
    i feel good
    when people are chivalrous and not crude
    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. When i can sit and breathe for a minute
    when I make a nice meal and sit down and enjoy it
    when I get wonderful comments from my blog friends

  5. Jingle, I don’t know the rules/etiquette for your Thurs poetry. Is one allowed to participate some wees or required to do it every Thurs when joining?

    1. No need to do it every Thursday.
      If u want to do it this week only, follow direction of this week 8, pick an award, pass to 12 previous poets in my lists…
      then u r done and u keep the award with u…
      post a poem today or tomorrow, early birds get lots of advantages…

      welcome, please let me know if u want to be in this week.

      1. Let me make sure I’ll be doing this correctly…I go to your week 8, pick an award and pass to 12 poets from your list. I will post poem and award on my tomorrow’s post and visit tomorrow. Do I link back to your post with week 8 instructions?

  6. Good Morning, Readers of Jingle:

    Our kind, poetic, short story teller, and the author of 6 books opened a new blog called “Blog Promotion”, I was the first being promoted with my blog Jingle, if u r interested to get such promotion, or if u r curious about what he is doing, please follow this link


    and give William a comment…
    it is GOOD to have loyal friend such as William to be on your side.
    Best Wishes!
    Happy Wednesday from Jingle!

  7. It is good……………to have a friend like you
    It is good……………to come to Jingles place
    It is good …………..to be surrounded by friends xx

    lovely post dear, and THANK YOU for promoting my new blog, luv ya xx

  8. It’s good to know you!
    I feel good when I write
    I feel good when I make other people smile
    I feel good when I *group hug*!

    Thanks Jingle I feel good now I read this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I feel good, no great, having met some pretty incredible blogging individuals ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks, Jingle.

  10. I feel good when I’m eating healthy
    I feel good when trusting God
    I feel good having fun with Jingle
    and all of our Blogging Buddy’s . ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. I feel good when I know that I have helped someone feel better…when their physical pain is gone and they can move about pain free..I know that this gift is from God so all the praise goes to him who gave me this precisous gift!

  12. Jingle thanks for asking maybe next time ..I’m trying to get back up to blogging speed…let me know when the next blogging poets rally is maybe then I will be ready to do something!

    1. Terri:

      We do it weekly, start Wednesday, people begin to join and posting poems…
      it is never too late to join, u can let me know any time this week if u r ready to post a poem, take an award, pass it to 12 poets from my list, do it by next Thursday…
      or join us next week on week 9.
      Take care,
      Enjoy your break!

  13. I feel good
    when the trials of life I’ve withstood,
    coming through them better than I was.
    I feel good when I can share
    what I’ve learned through those trials
    so that life’s trials are not misunderstood.

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