Thursday Poets Rally Poets Homecoming Week

Hello, Everyone, How R U?

Welcome to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 8-Thursday Poets’ Rally Homecoming Week

I would love to call week 8 “Thursday Poets’ Rally Homecoming Week”, because this week, all so called fresh poets are our previous participants from our Rally. It is such a long list, I feel joyful and thankful because the longer my list is, the stronger our Rally is.

The purpose of doing poets homecoming is for our Rally members to take a break from commenting for fresh poets, and spend time getting to know our own group members. Many week 6 or week 7 participants may not know all of the week 3 or week 4 participants. It is important for us to support previous participants and give them an award for their willingness, time and efforts spent in writing poems and promoting poetry.

Rules to become a participant For Poets Homecoming Week (Week 8):

#1: Comment under this post along with your poetry blog link included to let Jingle know.

#2: Visiting the week 8 participants or previous participants and find 12 favorite poets.

#3: Pick ONE of the 5 awards, an award from Jingle for your efforts; simply pass it to 12 poets IN YOUR BLOG by Friday this week along with a poem. (Those who receive the award will keep it, this is a one time award)

#4: Enjoy the fun. Let me know after you have done your due by commenting so that you are ready for week 9.

#5: Anyone can be a participant of week 8. Please post a poem on or by Thursday after you are admitted to join us this week.

PS:Your link will NOT appear as participants UNLESS you commented below, I need your word of approval so that we have mutual understanding and respect upon this event.

Awards Available for week 8 participants to pass to any 12 previous participants

Sunshine Award

The 16th sunshine award from Sam to Jingle, thank U. xx

You Deserve A Star Award

Award From Wordwand to Jingle, thank U, xx

Beautiful Poet Award

Award from new friend Purple Hatter to Jingle, thank U deeply, this is very special and precious, xx.

I Love Your Blog Award

A gift  taken from Purple Hatter. I appreciate your open mind and kindness in sharing your love, Purple Hatter. xx

Promising Poet Award At Jingle’s Thursday Poets’ Rally.

This last award is made by Jingle@2010.

Thank U in Advance and Have FUN on the Rally!

Week 7 Perfect Poet Award Notification:

Please check the link below to view Rule of Acceptance of week 7 winners.

U must nominate one (1) previous participant along with your Thursday Poem Post!

Week 7 Perfect Poet Award post:

Week 8 Participants:


Yousei Hime

Gerardine Baugh



Sparrow Song








Water Circling



brian miller (nicely done,😉😉 ;))

Jannie Funster

william (visited 12 blog,😉😉 ;))

Michele Spector





Week 8 Poets to know- A list of Previous Thursday Poets’ Rally Members:


hunter Koch




Bonjour Poetry:


Utopian Fragments:

Moondustwriter’s blog:

Keep Track of Wondering Mind:

Rumblings of a Ghost:





David Rheins:

Gargoyle’s Roost:


My HUmble Blessings:




Half Pint




A day in the life of:

Gargoyle’s Roost:


Patrice Berry:




Aphasia’s left hand:

Chapters from my life:



Cherymcnulty’s blog:

Beyond the blog:

Destiny’s child:


chocolate high





the moondustwriter

Postcard from Doggerland

getting it

The Dustus Blog







S Basu


Cheryl McNulty

Hello Hunter




Thank U for flying with Jingle! Wishing U A Very Merry Week ahead! 😉😉😉.

58 thoughts on “Thursday Poets Rally Poets Homecoming Week

  1. This is such a lovely idea to share awards to other poets new or old. I will have to visit and see some of what they are writing.

    My husband writes poetry. He is very good. I wish I was any good at all.

  2. WOW, thanks Ji, sorry you couldnt comment on the blog promotions page, please try now I was working on it xx and hey u deserve ALL these and more xx

  3. Hi Jingle!! I have a poem to post tomorrow afternoon. I would like to do it in conjunction with this Rally.

    I may not do it “correctly” the first time, so please forgive me!!! I will be just a learner.

    But yes, I will post a poem tomorrow and tell a bunch of bloggers they have won an award??


    • i welcome u in with open arms, Jannie!
      Thank U for being part of our family!

      Please make yourself feel comfortable,
      we r all imperfect,
      The imperfect is perfect!


  4. Ok!! I will give it a go🙂 I will do my best to do it right🙂 A bit of a newbee, I am …. I’ll be back.

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    to those who r reading this comment, please check on the link above to see if u have won the purple and pretty flower award from our newest member in our Rally, she placed up to a dozen links for the award, if u have already checked in as week 8 members, u r in mostly…I looked at it three or four times already, I fall in love with her award and her poem.

    hurry up, she may add u in if your comment is cool and true!😉

  7. hello sunshine, have visited my 12 blogs for this week, each one new and unique, very impressive, this week I nominate Anthony North, because he goes out of his way to make the reader guess his work and I like that🙂

  8. To Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 8 Participants:

    Everyone wins one of the awards above automatically, please feel free to pick one award from the above post and post it along with your Thursday poem!
    Thank U,
    pass your award to 12 poets who u have visited during our Rally and liked…
    let them know by placing a link of your award to their blogs and commenting…
    it is an opportunity for U to make new poetry friends and show appreciation for their previous or current participation!

    Thank U in advance!
    have Fun!

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  11. Definitely count me in! I am sorry if I am a little slow with things this week due to classes, but I am definitely making an effort to take part in everything!

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  13. Happy, happy Thursday everyone!! I completed the task, although I think I did it wrong. I did write a poem and posted 12 blogs to my site with the award. I apologize if I made a boo boo. It was also extremely difficult to pick just 12 blogs/writers!! There are so many incredibly talented people out there. Again, thank you Jingle! Such fun🙂

    also, sorry for the double post!

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