20 thoughts on “Doggone Funny


    Darling, I really want to thank you ,
    from the very bottom of my heart,
    for coming over to wish William for his birthday tribute.

    He was so thrilled and this cannot be done without YOU!

    You ROCK!

    Have you a great week.


  2. i always thought a puppy would eat anything that didn’t eat him first. but you said, “dog”– so a trombone? i know, it’s already been said …

    thank you so much for leaving your beautiful comment at my bloghome. please visit often and a word or two is always enjoyed — whatever those words may be.

    warm smiles,

  3. I am going to have to say the funny bone as well… and then I just discovered while typing that it is two words, so I will change it to the trombone.

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